Welcome to the 2022 TF2Maps.net redesign!

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Oct 5, 2014

Welcome to the new TF2maps.net!


We've been hard at work the past few months on a major site upgrade, and it's finally here! While things might look a bit different, rest assured all the TF2maps.net content you know and love is still here. While much of the transfer was seamless, this was a big move so we ask for your patience with anything that seems off while we work out the kinks.

Due to an issue with our login system, if this is your first time logging in after the migration (Feb 8, 2022) and you used Steam to log in, you must reset your TF2maps password to log in.

Why did we update the site?

After upgrading the Discord bot last year, we began work on redesigning the feedback site to consolidate feedback, demos, and new tools for analyzing demos into the main site. While working on this around October of 2021, we discovered that the hardware our site was running on was beginning to fail. Server disks and power supplies typically fail after 2-3 years; ours were approaching 6 years old. Additionally, our disk had corrupted sectors on it, which meant that issues would only continue to get worse and our data may have eventually been lost.

While investigating our options, it also became apparent that we were spending more than we need to on hosting, so we decided to move to a new provider (Vultr) to both help us mitigate our hardware issues and allow us to save money on our hosting.

In prepping for the move, we determined that our version of XenForo (the forum software) was severely out of date; it was no longer receiving bugfixes or security updates, and did not support any new plugins we were looking at adding. Additionally, we needed to be able to set up a "development" site to test the migration and any changes we were making in the move, but our outdated XenForo license would not allow us to do so. In the end, we decided our best option for migrating the site would be to move to XenForo 2 in the process.

Moving to new software at and hardware at the same time is a complicated affair, and there are bound to be bugs. Our top priority is to fix any bugs that have popped up as a result of this move, so we ask for everyone's patience while we work through them. This is not the final state of the site; this is just the beginning!

You can help us by reporting any bugs with as much detail as you can give. Screenshots are great!
You may also request new features here!

New Features:

  • New theme!
  • Multiple users can be added as creators for downloads (Resource Teams)
    • Any other users you add have full control to update and edit the download
    • Only the original download owner can delete a download
  • Multiple pictures can be added to a download at once
  • Profile Banners for Donors
  • Animated Avatars for Donors
  • Improved support for Opera and Mobile browsers
  • Massive back-end improvements to help us manage the site better:
    • Streamlined moderation systems
    • Built-in support for donations, badges, ads and many other features that we used to have to run plugins for
    • Ability to develop custom plugins for XenForo (such as integrating map feedback directly into this site)
    • Cost savings (opening the possibility to run a dedicated Featured Maps server!)
    • Controls for GDPR compliance

Known Issues:

  • Users who signed up on the old site with Steam cannot login to the new site without doing a password reset
    • Please reset your password to log in
  • The TF2M Light Theme for the site didn't survive the transition to XenForo 2 and broke horribly
    • For the time being, we have quickly patched together a new, mostly still broken TF2M Light Theme
    • It does not have feature/style parity, but should be mostly usable
  • Tables created with BB code do not work

Coming Soon​

Not all of our upgrades were finished in time for the move, so we plan on adding these features to the site in the near future:

Our first priority is fixing bugs that have come up as a result of this move. Any big change like this will come with bugs, so we ask for everyone's patience while we work through them. This is not the final state of the site, this is just the beginning!

You can help us by reporting any bugs with as much detail as you can give. Screenshots are great!
You may also request features here

Special thanks to @Zeus and @nesman for all their hard work on the new site, and thank you everyone for being patent while we upgraded the site; we can't wait to see what you all think!
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Aug 31, 2014
ohmygosh it's so fancy!!

site migration/database BS is tough work, thank you folks :)


(*single chuckle*)
Apr 10, 2014
This sleek new design looks great, but it's definitely going to take some getting used to.

Heck, I still miss the pre-2015 layout sometimes, and that was what, two redesigns ago?


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Apr 17, 2018
On-site BSP viewer sounds promising, will definitely be looking forward to seeing that come to the site.


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Jan 31, 2016
these are some good quality of life changes, nice to see the website improve. excited to see the new features moving forward, stuff like the feedback viewer will be nice to have built into the main site, and the in site bsp viewer could be really cool if you could add feedback through it too


Jul 14, 2009
looks great and (despite not having been very active with this account) I don't see any major issues! great job


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Nov 14, 2009
Found a bug already. If I hit the Bold or Italic button, I can't backspace any further than the first bold or italic character.

Anyway, I have to say that I appreciate the work that goes into keeping things working around here. Of the other forums I've spent a significant amount of time on, all three have experienced shutdown due to either hacking, system failures, or both, all of which resulted in sone amount of permanent data loss. Y'all are apparently the only competent sysadmins in this whole business. And with the loss of Facepunch, this is the only remaining archive of Source engine discussion, so it had better stay that way!


Mar 16, 2019
this site stinks because the downloads are now called resources ;-; under our profiles if you don't know what i mean. also i think the text should also have around a darker/lighter cube to see the button better. and idk if i can give feedback here. probably not but it's hard for me to migrate. i kinda loved the old site even tho it was very confusing. hope this site will get many changes that will comfort players much better than older site. if not then i dislike this migration

edit: ok the features that will come are pretty nice.