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koth_spillway_event rc5



An ingenious mad scientist once used this mansion as a laboratory to conduct nefarious experiments on plants involving equal parts magic and several million volts. Whatever the case, he's dead now, and it's time to fight over whatever's worth stealing before this place gets repossessed.

Spellway is a halloweeny reimagining of Spillway - a mirror-symmetry KoTH map now given a wildly asymmetrical fresh coat of paint, and some funky on-capture mechanics to boot!​

Created by pont, Iiboharz, and Yrrzy.​
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. rc5

    rc5 changelog: - fixed lightning hitching - softened lightning effects - fixed announcer not counting down the point unlocking - detail improvements -- improved large flat sections of chickenwire -- boathouse looks a bit better - clipping fixes...
  2. rc4

    rc4 changelog: - removed some clutter in RED connector - crit pumpkin spawns have been moved to greater benefit players away from the point area - further attempts at squeezing as many frames as possible from lakeside area -- more aggressive...
  3. rc3

    RC3 changelog: - manor roof balustrades have cheaper and more aggressive LODs - attempts to further increase lakeside area framerate - added HUD icons that briefly appear on capture that display what event is spawning - added missing clips to...

Latest reviews

Big fan of this map(as well as the fursona), and I hope to see more wonderful maps from you!

(Not to mention I love the "Cooler" maps!)