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Multi Stage National a7

TC in the form of a National Park

TC in under 72 hours.
First release
Last update
Territorial Control

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Latest updates

  1. A7: Revamps and Reworks

    Orchard and Lighthouse have been statistically favored to win in matchups, which means the map is Red sided since Red starts with both. This update is aimed at addressing this issue by making Blu's points stronger and Red's points weaker...
  2. A6A: Sounds and Fixes!

    Added soundscapes Fixed the water being weird inside Lighthouse spawn Fixed several missing or misplaced cubemaps
  3. A6: Better Routes

    Lots of little changes, fixes, and reworks all over for this version! There's a visual bug with the water near the new spawn at Lighthouse, but it's late and I'm tired and I can't be bothered to fix it right now. Changes to Orchard: Moved...