Map Testing

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With the recent addition of Vscript to TF2, the potential for security exploits exists.
Any exploits should be reported directly to Valve.

TF2Maps has a zero tolerance policy for any user uploading maps to our servers containing VScript exploits.
Any user found engaging in this will be immediately banned permanently and with no course for reinstatement.

How to Submit Your Map

Here at TF2Maps, we run regular map tests on our servers. All playable maps* are accepted! If you'd like to test your map with us, follow these steps:
  1. Join the TF2Maps Discord and navigate to the #bot channel.
  2. Type /add <download url> <notes> to add your map to the queue. Notes can request certain features and are optional.
  3. Example notes:
    • Disable alltalk. Don't play without me.
    • Please ask for feedback about fps.
    • I only need 2 rounds then you can skip.
    • Enable mannpower please.
    • You can also submit anything else that is acceptable within our rules. It gets broadcasted at the beginning of every round.
  4. That's it! Feel free to hang out in chat until a map test is announced. Depending on the length of the queue, it may take a day or two to get to yours.

Regarding Notes

  • If a map has been on the list for more than a week and the notes are time/region restrictive, they will be ignored. An example of this is as follows: "Play with me." and/or "Play with me on EU only".
  • Notes such as "enable random crits" will still be honored even if the map has been on the list for more than a week as those types of notes are not time restrictive.

*Submitted maps must meet the following criteria

  • Maps do not contain any malicious VScript code.
  • VScript must not run SourceMod commands at all.
  • VScript must not impersonate anyone with chat commands.
  • Maps do not intentionally crash the server.
  • Maps that do not require a plugin to function.
  • Proper lighting. No fullbright, excessive HDR bloom, or overly dark maps.
  • Working gameplay logic. Make sure the map is winnable, and important gameplay elements such as doors and spawns work.
  • No leaks. These will hurt your map's performance and lighting quality.
  • Packed custom content. If you use any models/textures/etc. that didn't come with TF2, they need to be packed in so other players can see them. See CompilePal, VIDE.
  • Maps should be repacked. This compresses the map and reduces the file size. Follow this guide.

Game Servers

* The MVM servers are kept offline sometimes. If you try to connect and are unable to please contact staff so we can fire it up for you.


We run a custom feedback plugin that allows players to leave comments with optional coordinates as they play. Once your map has been tested, you can find the recorded feedback and demos here.