Azumith v2

Azumith v2 v2_a5a

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Azumith v2 v2_a5a

Again! For Grizzly Berry's 10-day contest

As Blu, push from a river dock through Red's corn field and whiskey distillery to their "secret" rocket base!

A remake/re-imagining of cp_azumith with similar point concepts but completely different geo that probably still sucks!
Featuring a "unique" take on a cp_gorge style last!
Also features cutouts of community member's OCs.

Made for Grizzly Berry's 10 day mapping contest. Took five days to make an a1 due to work and now the testing servers are broken so I can't get feedback

First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. v2_a5a

    Minor update. Added missing respawnroomvisualizer on Red's last spawn. Fixed skybox prop alignment.
  2. v2_a5

    Huge thanks to ABP (and also Aulli) for helping me with formulating ideas for changes as well as giving me confidence to continue working on this map! Changes in this version: A: Players can now get on to the roof above the point! This might...
  3. v2_a4a

    Minor update. I think B might be fine, I just seriously messed up item placements last revision. A full ammo pack for Engineer right next to the best place to set up with a medium health right next to it? What was I thinking? lol. If this still...