CTF Timer Logic v2

CTF timer integration setup with full support for overtime

  1. pont
    Adding a game timer to CTF by default will force a stalemate at 0 regardless of score, or will be in overtime until both flags return to base. This fixes that, as well as a few other things.

    This was a lot of work to set up, so I would appreciate a thanks somewhere if you've used this / adapted it for your own purposes.

    - Round timer
    - Adding time when a capture is made by the losing team
    - Respawning the team whose flag just got captured
    -- (...unless they just lost)
    - Correctly awarding wins to the leading team when the timer runs out
    - Correctly calling stalemate if scores are tied when the timer runs out
    - Going into overtime if the losing team is carrying the enemy flag, giving them a chance to comeback
    - Many other edge-cases to do with overtime
    - No hardcoded score limits, so this will work on servers that change the capture limit

    io_v2 prefab.png

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