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Crasher rc8

halloween bigboys-type ctf





Introducing the newest Halloween Boss, YOU!
Crasher is a Mad Science-themed Capture the Flag map where flag carriers are Giants!
Escort your Giant safely to the enemy gate, and take down the enemy giant before it can reach yours!

Map and game logic by Pont and Yrrzy
Various assets by Diva Dan
Some additional assets by Freyja and iiboharz
COMING SOON: Custom voiceover work by Benjamoose
First release
Last update
Invade CTF
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. rc8

    rc8 changelog: - adjusted capture zone size. - added VO heirarchy system to prevent queueing up too much garbage. - improved round end VO. - end of round VO clears the current VO queue. - fixed giant triggers being too high up to hit players...
  2. rc7

    rc7 changelog: the rebalancing in rc6 was a huge success, leading to faster and more dynamic gameplay. :) - added a sheltered spot with medium ammo to the left of the gates to encourage stronger defense of the entire yard area. - added a cart...
  3. rc6

    rc6 changelog: rebalanced giants, emphasising their roles as couriers: - healing reverted to 25% - speed nerf dropped to 25% - giants now take 25% knockback instead of 0 - new giants are ubered for 4 seconds - playercount-scaling damage...

Latest reviews

This map is super fun and doesn't feel unfair to either of the teams with such an unique concept