Guava Gulf

Multi Stage Guava Gulf A7B

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Multi Stage Guava Gulf A7B

Totally not Banana Bay

My entry for the Connect 5 contest. Here's the row I'm going for, though it actually fulfills all of the tiles in the top row and a bunch of others around the board as well:


Guava Gulf is a 3-stage PLR map. Stage one starts by the ocean, stage two is farther inland with a cave, and stage three is in a temple or something. The final stage has a unique twist: both carts enter the same stretch of track and the map becomes a tug-of-war!

Map name subject to change, though it's grown on me.

Multistage PLR logic originally from @A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack, though heavily modified using @Ynders' Tug of War Payload Prefab as a reference to make the ToW section function.

Uses textures from @fuzzymellow's Jungle Pre-Release Map Texture Pack

Uses a few models from the Frontline pack

Map named by @Blade x64

Thanks for taking time to check out my map, feedback is always appreciated!
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Latest updates

  1. A7B: Slightly Better Edition

    Just some quick fixes to get this tested again. Multistage Changes: Removed round timer and overtime Stage 1 changes: Moved some torches Added a rock to both finals This should give defenders a slightly better shot at defending Stage 2...
  2. A7: Improved Edition

    Oh boy, it's been a while. This map needs more work, so we're rolling back to alpha while I figure things out. Multistage Changes: Visual improvements Fixed the HDR lighting There was two things trying to set the bloom scale to different...
  3. B1: Contest Edition

    Oh boy, here we go! The contest version of Guava Gulf. Multistage Changes: Started artpassing the map Stage 1's gameplay space is mostly artpassed Stage 2 has more textures now Stage 3's finals have had a visual overhaul, but incomplete...

Latest reviews

Fun and enjoyable map. Last stage a bit too choke-y, first stage is very open and good.
Congrats on 3rd place! I hope you continue to update this map
Not the strongest map aesthetically in my opinion.