ctf_hades b5

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ctf_hades b5

Ferrying souls is scary business!



Hades is an original Capture the Flag map set in a Greek-inspired underworld, featuring some unique mechanics!
Fight to rescue Redmond or Blutarch Mann's souls from the underworld, using magical potion amphorae to help (or hinder) nearby players!

Created by:
Yrrzy - Project Director, Level Design, Concepts, Particles, Logic, Audio, and 2D Art
Pont - Level Design, Logic, Additional Environment Art
Freyja - Environment Art, Map Models, Map Textures
Diva Dan - Gameplay Models, Map Models
DJB2401 - Concepts, Additional Models
Barno - Character Models
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. b5

    b5 changelog: - measures to try and fix, or at least better diagnose, an uncommon and locally-unreproducable bug where players aren't being spooked when picking up the flag - delayed stun trigger enable by 0.01s, in case some weird...
  2. small fix

    fixed red respawnroom
  3. b4

    b4 changelog: a new tf2 patch has released! within it are several bugfixes we contacted valve about. this patch fixed: - heavy being able to crouch and jump while scared with his primary weapon out. this fixes a major exploit with heavy couriers...

Latest reviews

The only reason I gave this map 2 stars is because of the phenomenal artpass done by Freyja. Good job on that! Unfortunately, a great artpass cannot save a map from its own detrimental gameplay decisions. (In my eyes anyway) The absolute main thing I dislike about this map is that it commits the cardinal sin of capture the flag design: It makes the flag undesirable. This is a bad thing because the main objective of a CTF map is, shockingly, to grab the flag! Wow, crazy, what an insane idea. What this map does is scares you when you hold the flag, meaning that not only can you NOT defend yourself as the flag carrier, but you also can't even jump. Oh, and you're stuck in third person too :)

My second biggest gripe with the map is that the combat in and around mid is just... really unsatisfying. On the outside rim, it's super open, meaning you're fodder for classes like Scout and Sniper, but on the inside rim, you're destined to meet a gruesome end via splash damage, which in my opinion is just not very fun. Even aside from that though, the mid is just annoying to navigate, with a lot of annoying pillars in the way or dumb 1-way dropdowns that don't feel very fun to deal with. The river styx is also a cool idea but I don't like taking damage from outside sources, which is exactly what it does.

Coming back to the artpass, again I think the visual design work of the map deserves the most applause of the entire map. From the giant Greek.... pantheons? (hopefully that's what they are) for flag rooms, they really bring some much needed "Wow, that's cool!" geometry and visuals to the map. I do think the lighting is a bit drab on the outside of them, but I can forgive that. The river styx texturing looks COOL AS FUCK, as well as the little outpost thingies with the green bonfires out in the middle of the river! They're a really cool touch. In all honesty my main gripe about the detail would be the lighting, which I feel is cursed (haha) by the fact that the skybox had to be green or something. With its current texturing, I really think a beautiful blue sky would've done wonders for the mossy greek textures for the most part! (Definitely not the river styx tho)

A few miscellaneous points now, I really appreciate that there are soul gargoyles on the map. Definitely a sign that there was at least EFFORT put into the map, even if most of it went to waste imo. I don't really like how the health pots grant a +100% buff in hp, that doesn't even degrade for like 3 seconds. The Jarate pot feels like a major 'Fuck you' to anyone near it, and isn't really fair because it's not even exclusive to sniper. There's some cute little physics prop pots that you can shoot around, which is always fun. I find the invisibility pot quite cool because it has a risk/reward aspect of accidentally using it near an enemy and potentially giving them a buff when it's not good for your team. The flag room itself is pretty well-laid out although I wish the main staircase would've been centered.

Overall, I think this map isn't very good. Like I said, the detailing is cool, but every design choice outside of that has done this zero favours. An easy 3/10, especially from how sucky it makes CTF itself feel to play.
"I've got 24-hours to get rid of this... bozo... And this entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke... and YOU. ARE WEARING. HIS. MERCHANDISE?!" (Otherwise, great map!)
styx drinker
Map lookes pretty, fits tf2's artstyle well
Map looked pretty, but it didn't fit tf2's artstyle well