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Ferrying souls is scary business!

  1. pont


    Hades is an original Capture the Flag map set in a Greek-inspired underworld, featuring some unique mechanics!
    Fight to rescue Redmond or Blutarch Mann's souls from the underworld, using magical potion amphorae to help (or hinder) nearby players!

    Created by:
    Yrrzy - Project Director, Level Design, Concepts, Particles, Logic, Audio, and 2D Art
    Pont - Level Design, Logic, Additional Environment Art
    Freyja - Environment Art, Map Models, Map Textures
    Diva Dan - Gameplay Models, Map Models
    DJB2401 - Concepts, Additional Models
    Barno - Character Models


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: b2
    "I've got 24-hours to get rid of this... bozo... And this entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke... and YOU. ARE WEARING. HIS. MERCHANDISE?!" (Otherwise, great map!)
  2. Spleep
    Version: b2
    styx drinker
  3. Sonoma
    Version: b2
    Map lookes pretty, fits tf2's artstyle well
  4. bagelchips
    Version: b2
    Map looked pretty, but it didn't fit tf2's artstyle well