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Gigantic B4

PASS Time!

A PASS Time map originally made in 4-ish hours for Microcontest 5. It's pretty good!

Screenshots are of B1!
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Pass Time
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Latest updates

  1. B4: I fixed some issues and tweaked some logic

    I almost finished this version a few months back, but every thought about compiling it I added or change a few things and then forgot to compile, so I'm calling it here and getting the changes that have piled up tested. If it plays well I think...
  2. B3: Occluders and Optimizations

    About half of the rounds seem to play well, and I think I've gathered enough data to determine that it's usually because of teams when it doesn't. Because of this, this update is focusing more on optimization while I continue to observe how it...
  3. B2A: More small things

    Modified speed boost logic to match current prefab This fixes the bug where the powerup models would stop spinning after about an hour Fixed some boards that were supposed to be non-solid being solid Fixed missing spectator cam for Red team...

Latest reviews

Felt like reviewing this out of the blue since it's basically done. I used to hate this map, but it was unjustified.
It's really not a bad map. It has a much more common and more focused back-and-forth than a lot of other PASS Time maps, and each arena is tailored very carefully to do something conducive to the gameplay of the mode - for instance, the goal zone is massive, with very separated routes - this means that camping it with one or more sentries is very hard, but still possible if that's your thing.

Admittedly, this map isn't for me. Mid's design is amazing, because it has little health, little ammo and few safe positions, which means you don't keep the ground you gain, so the back-and-forth keeps going. But this is terrible if you're like me and all you want is to lock down mid to give your team the advantage.

It really bugs me when maps make the Engineer into a martyr so every other class can have fun, so I held off from rating this map 5 stars, but maybe I shouldn't have, because I really want to applaud the map's design.