Coppice rc1

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Coppice rc1

Fight over a sleepy lumbermill-turned-launch-site in remote appalachia.

Coppice is a three-point Attack/Defend map developed over the final month and a half of the Rule of Threes contest. The map features a uniquely spiralling layout, wrapping tightly around and over itself - the approach to B spans a bridge over the route to A, with both control points situated almost directly atop one another.

Fourth place (as RO3Pont) in the Rule of Threes major segment. :)

Developed by pont.
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. rc1

    i think i burnt myself out pretty hard with this - a whole iterated, artpassed map in a month and a half, and fourth place in a contest! happy with that. after some post-contest tweaking, i'm content to call it finished with this last bit of...
  2. b2

    b2 changelog: During contest playtesting, people learned how to play the map, new strategies emerged, and the balance shifted dramatically in places. This version is aimed at addressing these discovered imbalances. - Named the map Coppice -...
  3. b1c

    b1c changelog: - fixed RED's side of the B short route opening half as fast as BLU's side - minor clipping fixes - fixed a few small nonsolid props - visual touch-ups

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I love it and the flow is smooth!