koth_spillway rc3a

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koth_spillway rc3a

Compact KOTH map set in a hydroelectric dam

Spillway is a compact king of the hill map with short respawn times and varied fighting spaces of both tight corridors and larger, open arenas. Teams fight to wrestle control over a hydroelectric dam in a hectic back-and-forth, with the ever-present threat of fatal gravity-induced blunt trauma to one side.​

: Forklift, security_fence_section02
Ravidge: Handrails
Urban: Generic Industrial Signs
cnub66: Sign overlays
Yrrzy: Extol assets
Seba, Ravidge: Construction Pack assets
pont: Spillway assets, matte pipes, neutral turbines, inviswater
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. rc3a

    rc3a changelog: - fixed missing LDR lightmap data - fixed missing pipe model in detail room behind RED spawn
  2. rc3

    rc3 changelog: - added mission briefing photos huh. thought i did that already. - fixed soundscapes not resetting on new round turns out env_soundscape is amongst the small number of entities that don't reset on new rounds. also turns out that...
  3. rc2

    rc2 CHANGELOG: - brightened team exits onto damside - stair clips are now blockbullets - fixed unassigned overlay faces - adjusted displacements by sewer tunnels - added no entry sign to BLU spawn detail door - fixed z-fighting on capture...

Latest reviews

An old favorite I liked to play on Creators that I really wanna see be officially added to the game. The unique building/set piece is a really fun concept.
I feel like Spillway is overall a good map, but its layout feels a bit... unfocused I guess? The map is rather small (in comparison to like, Highpass or something), which while I personally like from a competitive standpoint, it feels like it sorta clashes with the 12v12 nature of typical TF2. The main detractor I feel the map has is, as painful as it is to say it, the outdoors portion of the map. It feels really out of the way and the trip to the Health Kit on the Helipad usually isn't worth it because a smart sniper will always be able to shoot you from their side of the map. I really do like the Helipad as a setpiece, and I think putting the Health Kit there is a good way of drawing people outside since it's a minor break from (most of) the action, but I also feel like you could do a similar thing to what Viaduct's middle does in that it has a small yet powerful barrier between the point and where players typically set up. Some of the routing is a bit weird near the spawns too, as they both direct you towards the outdoor bit, which as I stated previously is the weaker part of the map in my opinion. This is all to say, perhaps mirror to how negative my feedback has been, that I do enjoy Spillway as a KOTH map. The point is pretty fun to fight around, and I think a lot of the detailing looks pretty good in spite of its somewhat restrictive colour palette. As a mixed Scout/Sniper main, I really like how open the point is and I find myself having the most fun *at the point*, which you'd honestly be surprised how many KOTH maps get that wrong. A solid 8/10 map.
This was definitely my absolute favorite map on creators.tf when that was popular. I really hope some other servers host it soon
This map plays super well, lots of flank routes to make to the point and the outside area is balanced perfectly, even with the health pack being on a super risky platform.
I like it but the Wrap Assassin doesn't work for shit on this map, once you leave the room connected to spawn it breaks in your hand.
this bug is related to how the bauble checks for bbox collisions instead of physics collisions. try and throw the bauble on the last point of badwater - same issue.

bug valve about it, not me.
Played this a lot on creators.tf and is a great map