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koth_spillway rc2

Compact KOTH map set in a hydroelectric dam

  1. pont
    Spillway is a compact king of the hill map with short respawn times and varied fighting spaces of both tight corridors and larger, open arenas. Teams fight to wrestle control over a hydroelectric dam in a hectic back-and-forth, with the ever-present threat of fatal gravity-induced blunt trauma to one side.​

    : Forklift, security_fence_section02
    Ravidge: Handrails
    EArkham: Snowycoast assets
    ASG: Skybox-scale prop recompiles
    Urban: Generic Industrial Signs
    cnub66: Sign overlays
    Yrrzy: Extol assets
    Seba, Ravidge: Construction Pack assets
    pont: spillway assets, pipe and turbine edits, inviswater


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