Caper 2022-06-25

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Caper 2022-06-25


A domination map by abp where team spawns depend on control point ownership.View attachment 165532
Map by abp
Gamemode logic and crewmate by Emil
Inspired by the map cp_tcdom_vert by Vert
Another Bad Pun
First release
Last update
Domination CP
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. b3 again

    Sorry for the repost, hosting on TF2M to see if this fixes MechaEngineer
  2. b3

    Rudimentary 3D sky and OOB Bug Fixes
  3. b2

    Changelog: -Fixed spawns breaking (thank you emil!) -Punched a bunch of holes in Control Point A -Pushed spawnpoints inside of A further back -When B is the neutral point, the gate between A and B closes -Retextured some areas -New awnings! -3D...

Latest reviews

Played this in a playtest a week or 2 ago. It was very fun, though it kinda got stale by the end of its run in the test. I'd love to see this map get finished as I like its layout and the detailing you've already done on the map is really cute! (Respect for Domination!!!!)