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  1. 14bit

    Welcome to the 2022 redesign!

    Welcome to the new! We've been hard at work the past few months on a major site upgrade, and it's finally here! While things might look a bit different, rest assured all the content you know and love is still here. While much of the transfer was seamless, this was a big...
  2. Zhiris

    TF2Maps Contest question - Starting up a Contest

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this and pardon me if it isn't in the right spot. I love this website and it's contest and how it motivates the community and the game itself to thrive! The events from this summer was really fun to look into and see what some people can make in...
  3. Mouse!

    Merry Smissmas!

    Art by Sirats Hey. I just wanted to wish all tf2maps members a good time during Christmas and New Year. Thank you to all the members of this site for what you are doing! It's just nice to know that after so many years the tf2maps community is still moving on and creating new things, I am very...
  4. 14bit

    The New TF2maps Discord Bot - Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Goodbye, Vbot Staring as a simple bot designed to help us keep track of maps that needed testing in late 2015, and dutifully maintained for years by @Fantasma, our chat bot Vbot survived the jump from Steam Chat to Discord and completely revolutionized how we organized testing for TF2 maps. For...
  5. miloman99

    sfm_apartments rc_1

    This is an apartment map made for the Tf2maps 72hour jam. This map features 31 apartment, plus an undecorated lobby area near the front entrance. i have purposefully left out alot of lights and doors, so the user can decorate themselves. The doorways are made for this door(link at bottom)...
  6. Nicky

    TF2Craps B1

    This year for April Fools, I present (with special thanks to Bakscratch)... A MAGICAL cartoon boss! Queen Elizabeth III (the Third) is tired of your shenanigans, and she wants you out! However, you wont go down without a fight, and neither will she. With over 6 different attacks and...
  7. Crrrrrrystal

    TF2Maps gamemode distributions

    Obviously this will change, but as of writing this up, here is the distribution of gamemodes over all the maps in the TF2Maps downloads section: "Other includeas all maps not included elsewhere in the map including Special Delivery, Trade Maps, and Territorial Control (and others). As you can...
  8. Sine

    SniperDo 2017-08-05
  9. pivotman319

    Driving in the Australian Outback 2017-08-05

    Made in Source Filmmaker. Assets used: SFM assets by Valve Swanky outback road [SFM] by Zatemedek
  10. [Soap] SteelCroix

    Where does tf2maps save your demo?

    I can't remember ;-;