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Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. A10: The one with a smaller A zone

    Changes at spawns: Added a new dropdown route in the side A tunnel exit It's bad and weird right now, but I just want to see if a route here works Changes at A: Made the capture zone (and tower) smaller Added a stack of crates Added a...
  2. The one with years-late bugfixes

    It's back! I still want to rebuild the spawns, but I thought I'd test it again first before committing to that. This version is a bunch of little fixes and changes I've made over the past few years but never got around to compiling, so some...
  3. The one for the contest

    Increased launch pad power to be more consistent Increased lighting on the launch pads to make them more visible Fixed players getting stuck in the ground when the floor drops away on the points

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Ooo! This looks promising. I love me a map with some water....