Megalo RC6B

ghost trains!?!??

  1. Berry
    First they gave us trains, then they gave us ghosts. Now, we give you GHOST TRAINS!! Fight over a HALLOWED TRAIN STATION for NO GOOD REASON!!!

    Megalo is an Autumn/Foundry KotH map with a dynamic control point made specifically for Halloween (non-reskin).

    - Layout/Detail/Optimisation/Custom Content
    abp - Revision & housekeeping
    Diva Dan - Ghost train model, spooky signs
    Exactol - Ghost train particles
    Extra thanks to Gadget, Rexy, Void, TheoF114 and Crowbar for custom content


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: RC6B
    This was my favorite map from last year's event and it still holds up today. There's always that gut reaction seeing a map's name in the loading screen, and it's a nice smile from me seeing "Megalo". There's plenty of open space to flank with a unique objective that travels vertically periodically. Even as an event map, I have some close games which goes to show mapping for Halloween isn't just adding more gimmicks like some maps do (still fun in their own right though).

    The theme was fascinating fighting in this haunted trainyard with a ghost train riding through the center all the time. I wouldn't mind a louder or longer warning before the train decides to come through, but I guess it's just really in a hurry. It does mean more people die to it though, and even clears the objective so the map can feel quite unpredictable and I like that. Excellent addition to the game, and I would be curious to see this in a non-event version, if just to play Megalo more times during the year.
  2. ShadowMan44
    Version: RC6B
    I love the capture point gimmick. The midpoint is pretty chaotic, but in a way that makes you want to immediately jump back into the fight for the point. The ghost train going by every minute or so is a very interesting concept that raises the stakes without making it seem forced.

    The only thing that I had a problem with was the fact that the spawns could easily be camped (especially scunts), but they weren't as big of a problem as I enjoyed everything else.

    Great map, I loved every minute of it.
  3. MystycCheez
    Version: RC6B
    1 of 3 koth maps I've ever played that I liked. Harvest is one of them and some random map from an imp was another that I'll never know what map is was is the other.