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Necromancer, from Athens, GA

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Dec 3, 2021 at 10:24 AM
    1. Buck Fuckem
      Buck Fuckem
      Sup, i have made an unusual effect that relies on your eye effect from eldritch immolation. I have made it already but i need your agreement to use it. Please?
      1. EArkham
        Sure. Just tell me what your steam profile name is and add me so you can add me on the workshop entry.
        Oct 5, 2021
    2. Turtlez
      Hey would it be alright if I use your assets from CP antiquity as well as some brushwork for my parkour map?
      1. EArkham
        You can use the assets, that's what they're for. Just add me if you upload to the workshop (and msg me here first so I don't ignore the invite by mistake).


        You can use any brushwork that's in the prop zoo, but any other brushwork needs to be original. I'm not doing anything that's difficult or special.
        May 22, 2021
    3. TheWither031
      Hey, would you be alright with me using your custom payload assets from Effigy to make my own tug of war map?
      1. EArkham
        Mar 3, 2021
        TheWither031 thanked this.
    4. 「Coronarena」
      Yo, I intend to use your "Japan Pack Part II" in one of my maps that is going to be updated soon (I don't have an exact date). Main reason for telling you is because it's also on the workshop and if I didn't tell you now I'd forget to tell you later so I'm just getting all this set up while I think about it.
      1. EArkham
        No problem. Just send me a DM when it's on the workshop and you need to add contributors so I can look out for the steam friend add.
        Dec 28, 2020
    5. TheFORBIDDENFruit
      1. EArkham
        Sure, go ahead. As long you credit me if it goes in the workshop, you don't have to ask permission. That's why they're here on tf2maps to use.
        Sep 11, 2020
    6. Sunjar
      Hey Arkham, thank you for putting your creativity out there, snowycoast is what made me fall in love with tf2, also you posses one of my dream unusuals spellbound rack if i could get that signed by you it would mean a lot to me, i would probably pay you whatever you want for it, please respond if you have the time, thank you Arkham!
      1. EArkham
        Thanks for the nice words, but none of my unusuals are for sale, not at any price.
        Aug 5, 2020
    7. Unicake
      Hello, I am a map maker for Open Fortress, a sourcemod derived from TF2. I was wondering if you are alright with me using the "Cambodian Antiquity" Prop pack on my map? I mostly use the bush props. I'm asking this so there's no confusion in seeing your props in sort of a different ip, different than TF2.
      1. EArkham
        Go ahead. Just credit me if you put it on the workshop.
        May 17, 2020
    8. MoartQ
      Hi, i want to ask, if i can use props from mayann project on my map? I still have this pack, but i'm not sure if i can use it
      1. EArkham
        Sure, fine by me.

        But I didn't make all the stuff in the full pack, so just check in with some of the other content creators if you're unsure. I can't imagine them having a serious objection.

        Make sure you credit folks properly if you put it on the workshop.
        May 1, 2020
        MoartQ thanked this.
    9. Docteur Whoa
      Docteur Whoa
      Hey! I'm the dude that modified Snowycoast for the competitive. I sent you a friend invite on Steam regarding your comment on the workshop submission, maybe to talk about that, here or there ?
    10. {WILĐ ЂÂƝAƝ}
      {WILĐ ЂÂƝAƝ}
      hello.. I just saw your cambodia pack and it is really well made :) i started making my own map in cambodia style but dont have enough good textures from the pack (mainly antique ones : like ceiling decorative pillars, small details, i dont need more industrial type textures that are also in the pack) May be you have some unused /unpublished textures that you can share , please ?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. EArkham
        Everything that I've made is public in the pack already.
        Apr 2, 2019
      3. {WILĐ ЂÂƝAƝ}
        {WILĐ ЂÂƝAƝ}
        so no more pack updates? would be cool to get some new textures
        Apr 2, 2019
      4. EArkham
        Unlikely to be any more pack updates, sorry
        Apr 3, 2019
    11. Maid
      Just to check - could I create another skin for one of your models (from the snowycoast pack) and use it in my map? I don't want to act without permission ^^'
      1. EArkham
        Yeah, sure. Go ahead.
        Dec 6, 2018
        Maid thanked this.
    12. Jacques.Jam
      Hey man, this might sound cliche, but I'm an aspiring map maker, and I have an idea regarding your map snowycoast. I'm thinking about making a koth inspired map, but I have a general understanding on how to make the most simplest of maps. What I'm trying to say is, should I continue with this idea, or just focus on more simpler projects first.
      1. EArkham
        You definitely should focus on simpler projects first. Koth is pretty straightforward, but start with your own idea first, learn Hammer, etc.
        Nov 13, 2018
        Jacques.Jam and Diva Dan thanked this.
      2. Jacques.Jam
        Thank you, I was a bit over ambitious.
        Nov 14, 2018
    13. darktemplar
      I added you on steam because I was hoping you could grant me access to the usable model files for the "Nightmare Aquatic" and "Deep-Sea Monstrosity" workshop items. I would like to use them and embed them in as prop_dynamics for scenery in a map I'm working on, if that's okay with you. (steam username is sharktemplar)
    14. chrytin
      Added to discuss getting some model work done
      i found a pretty big glitch on mossrock i will like to tell it to you
      1. View previous comments...
        and plz send link
        Nov 11, 2017
      3. Svode
      4. EArkham
        Yeah, Freyja made Mossrock. I might be listed first because, you know, alphabets, but I just did trees and foliage.
        Nov 11, 2017
    16. MCkvadrat
      1. EArkham and Kube thanked this.
      2. EArkham
        I've reported him and added some more info on my profile. Luckily it's not a very good impersonation.
        Aug 30, 2017
        Svode thanked this.
    17. Neonyxia
      Hi, i'd like to add you about those 2015 halloween unusuals you made on the workshop.
    18. Malachite Man
      Malachite Man
      EArkham if you could can you repost the pacific props you made they could come in very useful in a project am making
      1. SC PL
        SC PL
        Note: If you see a thread with an old download, that is no more unavalible, try to change in URL adress "tf2maps.net" into "archive.geit.uk". On that 2nd site you can download any stuff that is no more avalible on Tf2maps
        Jun 29, 2016
        Davekillerish thanked this.
    19. Tumby
      You may want to reupload your avatar so it can appear in full HD glorry.
      Unless you don't actually have a bigger version.
    20. chemelia
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