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fastener b3a

Guardian MvM

first place in the guardian dynamica contest. :)

guardian MvM is intended for two players.
in place of a bomb, robots ride a pl_frontier-style train, with a secondary support train that ferries additional robots in.

wrangling nextbots has never been more tedious.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. b3a

    b3a changelog: - fixed a bad trigger_push that broke half of the map
  2. b3

    b3 changelog: bugfixes only - currently in the contest post-deadline bugfix period. - attempted fix for sentry busters spawning giant caber models (what the fuck?) by addoutputting fadedistances onto cabers in blu spawn - added more nav avoids...
  3. b2

    b2 changelog: - hopefully fixed an edge case where robots would ignore their nav objective and try to beeline to the finale, running into a corner in spawn - removed blue-only filtering from several stuck prevention measures - added stuck...

Latest reviews

I imagine this was no easy undertaking, the dynamic element on this map's compatibility with bot's capability for adaptation is apparent. The largest issues with the map are the navigation, but it's hard to do anything about that with how many situations the train behavior creates.

That said, playing fastener was an immensely satisfying experience. The whole combination of defending a traincar while simultaneously trying to clear waves and collect money seems chaotic, but it just works - works REALLY WELL.

The secondary support traincar ferrying bots was always a good twist and gave a lot of really fanatic yet fun moments.

My only other complaint would be that following losing the front it almost felt inevitable to be forced to hold nearly all the way back at spawn, this may just be because the bots would navigate and stack at the tower, making pushing back into the building a large ask.

I think from a class perspective it would be nice to see more packs at the front, I think there are no packs at all in the front warehouse, making engie strongly incentivized which is a shame.

Overall I hope you stick with working on the map post competition, and if you do I'm looking forward to where it goes.
thank you! it sure has been hell getting everything to work right - the whole map is plastered in teleports and nav zones to stop stuff getting lodged in walls, and things *still* break in interesting new ways.
i'll add more resources to the warehouse area - thank you for your feedback!
Fun layout
10/10 detail
Some bot paths are still buggy
Map has a lot of potential

Stays true to classic mvm. In the best case scenarios it felt as if I were playing something that could be officially incorporated into tf2. The pacing is very good. The robots coming in on the side train felt very satisfying to watch. Just needs to patch up some edge cases of bots rubbing into the trainside or getting stuck on stairs.

Very impressive.