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  1. Diva Dan

    Bonesaw b7

    Welcome to Bonesaw! This is a Payload Race map set in a neigh-apocalyptic forest, coated in ash and burning from the inside out. Red's floorboards and walls are full of embers, and Blu's base is twisted from the hot steel. No smoking allowed! The Mann Brothers have had their souls trapped...
  2. 14bit

    pl_14bit_mc22 A1

    A payload map made for MC22 with only 96 solids. I think it uses a custom egypt rock blend texture somewhere, but I didn't notice that until compilepal packed it in so who knows
  3. 14bit

    Microcontest #22: Solids

    Welcome to Microcontest 22: Solids Name: Solids Difficulty: 3/5 Time Limit: 24 Hours Prompt: Today's challenge is to make a fully-functional map that contains no more than 199 solids. Every brush in Hammer counts as one (1) solid; this includes solid brushes, triggers, skybox brushes...
  4. Mika

    Ultiduo_Seaside - 72Hour Jam Entry 2022! Alpha v1

    This map was created doing the 72Hour Jam 2022 Summer event by Cypherus/Mika, SP0NK and Nestle. We decided to go with an Ultiduo map for this year's event since it seemed manageable given the time constraints. We had a couple of goals in mind when creating the map, the main one being that the...
  5. Erk

    Jam Dam 2022 2022-07-25

  6. Fault in Maps

    Gondola Prop 2022-07-25

    Imagine a Box car cut in half horizontally. Now you've got yourself a Gondola! These cars are popular for bulk commodities used for construction and can often be seen hauling scrap metal, steel rebar, steel beams, grinding media, aggregates, logs, lumber, sand, copper, and iron ore. And now they...
  7. 14bit

    cp_gravelbit A3

    An A+B>C map originally made for the 2022 TF2Maps Jam, featuring a saw blade, a cliff, and a weird final point. v01 by @Another Bad Pun, other versions by me Custom assets: Half of the Control Point by @Fault in Maps Electric Eel Danger Sign by @Uncuepa
  8. DJ dj

    Second second SFM in 2022 2022-07-22

    make DJ dj!
  9. Erk

    72 Hour Jam 2022

    SFM poster by erk, Suna, Bonk, and MCL15 Let the waves of creativity rush over you. The Annual Summer Jam is on! Check out the Jams' own website here! The 2022 72 Hour Jam starts on July 22nd, 5pm GMT, and lasts until July 25th, 5pm GMT! Need help with converting your own timezone? Use...
  10. 14bit

    Microcontest #21: 1024/512

    Welcome to Microcontest 21: 1024/512 Name: 1024/512 Difficulty: 2/5 Time Limit: 24 Hours Prompt: Today, you must make a map with at least two objectives that are each exactly 1024hu or 512hu apart from each other. Additionally, any further objectives past the initial two must be placed...
  11. 14bit

    The Microcontest Megathread - Season 3

    Do you like making maps with strange requirements under strict time constraints? Well, have I got news for you! Welcome to Season 3 of our 24 hour microcontests! Microcontests are not traditional contests with winners and losers; they are personal challenges designed to get you to explore new...
  12. 14bit

    2022 Gold Star Applications Now Open

    Applications for new Gold Stars are now open! If you'd like to help announce map tests and dip your toes into moderating, now's your chance! Applications will not be shared publicly for this round of applicants. To apply, please follow this link to the application form: (applications are now...
  13. 14bit

    Welcome to the 2022 TF2Maps.net redesign!

    Welcome to the new TF2maps.net! We've been hard at work the past few months on a major site upgrade, and it's finally here! While things might look a bit different, rest assured all the TF2maps.net content you know and love is still here. While much of the transfer was seamless, this was a big...
  14. 14bit

    14bit MC20 A1

    Someone stop me, I keep making Hoodoo clones This one's at least in a forest instead of a desert Made in 14 hours for microcontest 20!
  15. 14bit

    Microcontest #20: Static Spawns

    Welcome to Microcontest 20: Static Spawns It's time for the final microcontest of 2021! Today's you will— Ah, it seems there has been a mix up and it's now 2022. Hold on, there's been another mix up and we used the season finale early. Regardless, today is the final microcontest of season 2...