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What if 2fort was a koth map?
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Blu Immortality machine Ismaciodismorphus
Now Blutarch can live forever!
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Candyland Sonoma
Multi Stage Candyland a3
A fully immersive Pyroland experience
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Blu team really gets kicked in the balls by mappers and valve, where are my funny regulation breaking blu fire alarms? Screw logic everything is blu themed now
SuperLuxDeluxe wrote on theatreTECHIE's profile.
Happy birthday!
I am trying to get into the mapping community, while having little to none experience in Hammer, the idea of planning on both balance and fun enlightens me. Thanks to UEAKCrash and Grizzly Berry for introducing me into the mapping scene. Even if I may not be active in map making, I would love to participate in the map testing events.
Yaki wrote on NeoDement's profile.
Happy birthdayy
Pdan4 wrote on I dinne ken's profile.
Happy belated birthday!

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