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I like foxes
Jul 20, 2016
Trello board listing progress / completions!
- link -

And a donation link if ur feelin cute
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Hey! Most people around here know that I do art and things, and that I like to do art and things for the people and things in this community of things. So with things on the mind im doing some sort of art giveaway thing because im bored of things!


  • What are you even drawing??
In a simillar vein to the christmas chibis from last christmas, all of the art done for this will be done in a matching rough style that I'm trying to practice and learn.

You are my lab rats!
...or lab deers knowing this community.

Rough_yrr.png Rough_star.png Rough_TaggPup.png Rough_snowboy.png Rough_Ruby.png Rough_Flipy.png


More details and explanations here

This giveaway is being done so I have something productive to do with the time I have left over my summer, and in the interest of that I'll probably end up working on projects that I feel are fun and interesting. This means that the 'giveaway' part of this will be biased on what I wanna draw, nothing is guaranteed! But I will try!

Its no surprise to most people that my artistic strengths tend to lie in animal and furry characters, so to strengthen the chances of me wanting to work on requests, ill be ""limiting"" it to animal characters with some sort of outfit (the outfit required so that all these drawings fit the same sort of feel)


You are still free to put in an entry regardless of its contents. Say that your character is a robot or something, I might still go for it if I feel I can do it justice in this style. This rule is more of a fall back for when I cant get a character to work out and I wouldn't meet my own bar of quality. So your chances are HEAVILY increased if you have a more traditional furry character that I'm used to working with, but I will make exceptions to this rule if I feel I can work with what you have. Don't take it personally if I cant do it!

Frankly I dunno right now. Ive been doing about one of these a day, so I hope to release small batches of them every couple of days or so, ill tag your username in a reply with your drawing if it gets done. Expect the pace to slow down a bit around next month as college kicks off though, my time will shorten.

as for when this ends, basically until I feel I cant keep up with it anymore, or have gotten too drained of the concept. I'll make a post about it when I've officially gotten too tired of doing these and am closing up new submissions. This could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Its all free, shoot a request cause it aint gonna cost you anything


vvv Most important section! vvv

Well a giveaway is no good if you cant actually enter it, so heres the kind of information im looking for.
  • Your Character
Unsurprisingly I need to know what you want drawn. Refs are hugely helpful for this and itd be appreciate if you posted one or two (in a spoiler as to not flood the thread)


Seriously use this, its better for everybody.

If you dont have any ref, try to describe what you want, but keep in mind the more vague you are the less likely I am to hit what you're looking for. Im reserving some creative liberties on this to keep the style of these drawings consistant, but ill do everything I can to get what you want. I might contact you via discord or site dm's requesting some more info from you
  • Some sort of outfit
This is probably the trickiest part of this cause i'm kinda bad with outfits and don't know jack about fashion. But a desription of what outfit you want (hey it might already be on your ref) is gonna be necessary or else im making one for you! Feel free to post more ref pics here, but keep them in a spoiler alongside your ref!

Though I really prefer keeping furry animals barefoot, they live in the wild they can handle it!
  • What kind of simple pose or action you want
Nothing super fancy like your character doing an iron man landing while decapitating the head of the 'making terrain with carve' tool person. Small descriptions of personality are great and ill try to reflect them in the pose, but most of these drawings are done of standing characters maybe doing something, waving, winking, etc.
  • Any other specifics you want me to keep in mind
Your character your rules, there might be something specific you want to be represented like how my character is always wearing a blue scarf, or maybe your character is always wearing a bow.

- My character [refs of character in a spoiler here] looking flustered and shy while drawing something on a pad. They would be wearing a sleevless hoodie, tshirt, and some jeans. Thanks and ur super cool and not short

-Heres a ref of my character, coldsteel [refs of character] them looking cool and evil, with a threatening pose. Outfit would be a super metal hoodie, spiky arm and leg bands, and some torn jeans because of all the FIGHTING he does. You better draw this, or else he'll get you........

Don't worry too much about your format, im not strict.

However, what I need you all to do if youre submitting


Keep my artstyle in mind and think about how it'd look, I don't do extremely detailed things, my style is pretty abstract and approximate at best. If you ask for something overly complex i'm not gonna do it!

With all that in mind, there's no harm in making a post to try for a drawing, but remember that i'm reserving some bias on this! Don't come whining saying its unfair other people are getting drawn!! The easier you make it for me, the more likely it is to work out for you.

I look forward to regretting this within the week!
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May 31, 2014
When in Rome...


As for a pose I'd say falling asleep standing up sounds about right. Maybe add some ZZZs or a snot bubble, I dunno.


Sample Text
Mar 20, 2016
Hi Flipy
My request is simple.
Please finish this
But I have some specific requests.
Its face right now is just :3 right now but I want to change it to a mixture of :3 and :D
Something like this:

Also I would like the handle to be slightly split with the lock loose to give it more dynamic feel. Maybe tail needs to be only one one side of the handle in that case.

Thank you for sharing your drawing skill on tf2m!


we've all had better times to die
Feb 10, 2017
A manatee would be dope, preferably doing something like in image 3, I'm happy with anything though

They're so round and perfect


Feb 5, 2016
Sure why not.
As the name goes, make a viper.

Mimick the pattern somehow like that, but have the light brownish pattern as white.

The outfit is the lurking legionnaire with a red bill's hat, cuz I want a beret is all

The pose/expression can be described as "casual", laid back with the tongue hanging out.


a survivor with too much paint
Feb 7, 2008
Outfit: The maroon sweater is something I asked Yrr to make up when she originally did the refs. You can stick with the same outfit or do something new along the same lines. This isn't his Special Sweater.

Pose: Anything calm/relaxed. You pretty much nailed it on the last drawing, so I don't think I need to elaborate on this.
May 27, 2017
Hello it's me. I'd honestly like to see the drawing in a similar pose to either of the two pictures or just a standing icon. His attitude is very sarcastic/playful and smirks a lot.

Outfits - I'd honestly say some sort of hoodie would suit, red (wine red) or black. It could be an unzipped one with a white shirt underneath or a full one. The hood can be up or down, I do not mind. I'd prefer down tbqh but you know, artist's choice.

If you add anything to do with peanut butter I'll cry



May 13, 2013

Outfit: Something dapper, like a vest and a suit jacket with some fitting trousers, or whatever looks dapper.

Pose: Maybe something like he's posing in a photoshoot.
Thanks and ur super cool and not short




May 12, 2013
I must have somehow felt that this kind of thing was coming. All these pictures you drew the last couple weeks really made me think about what my fursona should be, and so I even sketched something up this morning.
The pose isn't all that important to me, as are detailing of clothing or fur pattern. However, since I am a fan of Vib-Ribbon, why not have the head of Vibri be printed on the shirt? (Possibly simplified to not have eyes/mouth, as not to catch too much attention; or the opposite, if a head seems too simple, just have a full drawing)

Another Bad Pun

In the shadows, he saw four eyes lit by fire
Jan 15, 2011

I had two ideas so I hope you don't mind choosing one.

Hooper likes to drink coffee and listen to music, so an image of him holding a coffee in one hand with headphones on could work.

Outfit: He rocks a zipped up jacket and sweatpants, sometimes a hoodie. Any color you want. You can make him look cool or tired or whatever.

The other idea I had was just a picture of him in swim trunks out of the pool, probably with a towel over his two shoulders.

Outfit: Would either be aqua-green or sunset orange swim trunks. Maybe goggles pulled up? Maybe he's wearing just a towel?? I don't know!!

edit: hey what if i had a guitar
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Take a Chance on Me
Jul 31, 2016
Guess who's back, back again!

Outfit: I'd like them to wear a formal US military uniform, possibly WW2-era styled (M1 Helmet optional)

Pose: I don't have anything specific in mind, but definitely something cool (Maybe a salute to match the style? Not sure.)



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Jul 29, 2016
just take the guy in my profile picture and make him a deer, and have him looking smug with double finger guns.
Nov 28, 2017
I like your art so I want to try something creative.


So I like turtles, especially this one above.

For the character, make him the president of Afghanistan (my current profile pic) or at least something similar. Everybody loves a slow, backwards president who just looks so cute that you don't care what they do.

If not that, might as well be a turtle who is halfway to dabbing, but so slow that the fad has gone away so nobody likes it anymore. I don't know how you would implement this, maybe the right arm is already extended but the left arm is pointed straight. Then you should give him a glossy suit.

Hopefully these ideas will give you inspiration! If you need more I can dm you more ideas if you need!


Jan 18, 2014
Been going back and forth on posting this, but whatever might as well. I hope this is furry-y enough for you!
I'd like you to draw this Roserade/Crobat fusion I made a while ago:

wearing a light green hoodie and some black shorts in a pose with its arms crossed like this sprite:

Thank you so much!


Jul 14, 2009
You already did me and my husband is jealous. Likes your style a lot! So. How about one for my husband!

Pink bunny (prob similar to Tumbolisu's) with long floppy ears. Wears some kind of bright, colored t-shirt. No hair on head, just fur. Maybe he does a cute little wave.
Basically this minus the Zelda stuff:


Good luck! Thanks in advance~


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Oct 5, 2014
Uh, hi. I've spent weeks debating and thinking about this, since you drew Startacker. I think I'm ready. Here's me then:


I just drew this in like an hour this morning, feel free to modify it as you see fit to make it work; I'm not terribly picky and I'll love whatever you do with it!

Outfit: Just a t-shirt and pants of some kind, maybe a hammer on the shirt or the number 14? I'm not sure. I always wear a smart watch IRL, so I'd like to be wearing a watch if you don't mind. I drew shoes just because I have no idea how feet work, feel free to leave me barefoot.

Pose: I always associate myself with giving thumbs-ups, so if I could be doing a thumbs up that would be great!

I look forward to seeing if you decide to do mine or not, I understand if you are busy or get burnt out. And thanks for creating such wonderful artwork for everyone, it's really neat to see!