idojapanindust a6

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idojapanindust a6

literally any other working title would be better than this

idojapanindust (working title) is a mashup of old maps and discarded vmfs, including pl_dixie and pl_ido5. This map spans 4 CPs with a variety of gameplay scenarios, including a train hazard and some slightly radioactive water.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. a6

    A: -no changes B: -removed sentry perch spot -removed sniper perch spot -added new flank from low ground up to balcony for blue to get a wider angle on red's hold -added medium health to high ground to assist blue team pushes -increased train...
  2. a5

    A: -no changes B: -removed awning route to make building area a better hold for blue and to force red down more predictable paths C: -added stair to make rotation between main and upper flank much quicker -added route to bottom flank into...
  3. a4

    A: -made walkable roof two-way again to made headbugging over the top less annoying for red to deal with B: -adjusted blue spawn orientation to encourage use of teleporters / shortcut -raised red respawn wave time from 7 to 8 C: -no changes D...