Outflow b4

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First release
Last update
Steeltype CP

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. b4 - update

    whats new? added door textures that show which point openes them to help players learn the map slightly increased red repsawn time on C improved lighting optimization thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. b3 - update

    whats new? major optimization minor detailing thanks to all the playtesters!
  3. b2 - update

    whats new? added ANIMATED models by seba! barebones optimization lighting minor changes thanks to all the playtesters!

Latest reviews

interesting layout but needs improvement
I enjoyed and it's a really balanced map to play on, but the map is a bit confussing when you played for the first times.
Extremely fun! (Current version)
Don't listen to the other guy, this map was very fun during the gameplay sessions and I hope you update it in the future.