Bagel (2020) rc4a


  1. Yrr
    One week before the events of Doomsday, an Australium Reserve storage site prepares to send its shipment to Mann Co.

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    Bagel is a unique King of the Hill map that started development in 2016. You may recognise it as the base for "Cauldron" from Scream Fortress X.

    Designed around a raised central capture area, flanked by side buildings, the goal was to provide many different strategic options to both take and hold the point. Development was driven by both competitive feedback and frequent casual playtests, to make sure the map was enjoyable in both contexts.

    This version incorporates a lot of the gameplay and visual updates made for Cauldron, as well as some new visual elements and further improvement and polish.

    Latest update (rc4):
    Celebrating Bagel's inclusion in RGL 6s Season 6 map pool with a polish update, based on feedback received over the last year
    -Fixed a perch spot on Blu side
    -Added a crate lid on concrete allowing you to easily step up onto a crate there
    -Simplified geometry for splash damage in some areas
    -Improved player clipping in some spots for smoother navigation
    -Fixed various seams and visual bugs
    -Misc. visual improvements and fixes

    Previous updates:

    Changed the map filename from bagel_fall to bagel, and skipped rc2 to ensure that this is the most clearly up-to-date version.
    -Simplified geometry around the boiler ramp area
    -Changed jump pad particle to read better
    -Minor visual tweaks
    -Added menu photos

    -New crate models by Freyja
    -Redetailed out of bounds areas behind Boiler
    -Additional new details
    -Fixed out-of-map spot under Blu spawn

    Detailing improvements have been made across the map, to help make it make sense as both a lived-in space, and as a Team Fortress 2 location.
    -Removed some clutter from lobby and house
    -New doors by Freyja

    The Jump Pad has been visually updated, and an engine issue required major splash clipping overhauls across the map.
    -New collision meshes for various areas
    -New jump pad design
    -New custom golden steam particles
    -Other minor visual updates elsewhere

    The clipping above the turbines was poorly conveyed and intrusive to jumping soldiers. It has been pared back and marked better.
    -Improved clipping around top of turbines
    -Added pipe to better visualise clipping

    The map has received a large amount of decluttering and clipping. There should be less situations where a player feels like they got stuck or there rocket was eaten
    -Placeholder crate models have all been updated
    -Lighting fixes
    -Prop fade fixes

    Capturing the point will now cause the tower and capturing team's turbine to vent Australium steam
    -New custom golden steam particles
    -Steam venting makes audible sound
    -Turbines now hum while active

    -The central cap tower is now a large liquid Australium power core.
    -On either side of mid are turbine pumps, which turn on and off as the point changes hands, and draw australium from the core. Over the duration of a match you will notice the rotors turn on and the shaft slowly fill with liquid australium.
    -The turbines occupy previously problem areas. Little corners with sniper sightline issues, awkward geometry to navigate, and bland visuals. Hopefully the turbines solve a number of problems here.

    Yrrzy - Layout, Artpass
    Phi - Optimisation pass
    Void - "Slasher" Fall oak trees
    Freyja - New door and crate props

    Pont - Concept and Logic help for tower, generators, and jump pad


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Recent Reviews

  1. QLAKD-Jif
    Version: rc3
    It's Fun, it looks distinct and feels very much like an official map. We got the Halloween version, likes get this one.
  2. Gravidea
    Version: rc1
    Just a solid map with so much love and passion put into it. I've seen so many servers with this map present in their rotation, and it deserves all the credit it gets. Great job!
  3. Anonymous
    Version: b9
    very fun map to watch and play competitively
  4. TheFluffycart
    Version: b6
    The map feels really solid just running around it. The attention to detail is insane (The long VC call checking all facts for example), and shows how much love is being put into every little corner of the map. I also love the idea of australium being drained from the mid area, and moved to either team's vat things
  5. Anonymous
    Version: b5
    Great map made better.