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  1. WebPuck

    Miss Pauling 1

    art Miss Pauling
  2. 2Suicides

    Australium Scout 2

  3. Hazzard

    Matt Vs. Nuna - Dodgeball Poster 2022-07-25

    This was a poster based on the recent events of the first day of the 72hr jam. The two pyros in this image would be Matt and Nuna! They were amazing during the matches so I decided to let em' at it. This took me around 3 hours due to changing my mind mid session. Submitted for the 72 Hour 2022...
  4. Mr.Raid

    Scout art 2022-07-25

    I hope you enjoy my art. <3
  5. Pocket_Deer

    EngiDeer is EngiHere! 1.0

    Is that some art, for, of course, Jam and Prof.Killstreak Grenadelauncher
  6. Spookarma

    Summer of '72! 2022-07-25

    Based on a TF2 Workshop item: The Gnarliest Garb! Just a simple drawing for the jam. Scout enjoying the summer days. My steam profile:
  7. mei


    little medic doodle i made today for the summer jam :)
  8. ~={Mr. Mild}=~

    Administrator Portrait 1

    Digital portrait of the administrator on photoshop.
  9. Fromgaypotam

    Battle Engie robot 2022-07-25

    A robot with gibus, Frontier Justice and minisentry! What could be more beautiful?
  10. Pizza Pasta

    72 Hour Jam Entry 2022/07/24

    A little meme for the 72 Hour Jam, took approximately 1 hour to complete, despite its relative simplicity. (Additionally, here's a "deep-fried" variant, if for some reason anyone wants it.)
  11. LNT ☭

    Typical 2Fort 2022-07-24

    I tried very hard
  12. TurquoiseLeaf

    Operation: Bonk "Borrow" 2022-07-24

    Made for the 72 hour jam. Wanted to make Scout steal some Bonk.
  13. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦


    My entrie for the TF2 SUMMER JAM 2022
  14. Finn

    raccoon engi 2022-07-24

    engineer but as a raccoon
  15. Waerom125

    They are always in our hearts

    I decided to redraw the silhouettes of our favorite characters on a piece of paper, as it looks great to me. I don't know if I need proof, but I'll leave them below under the art. I hope you enjoyed my work! =)

    de_dust_tf2 2022-07-24

    I've always thought de_dust 2's B site would be an interest place for a RED vs BLU fight. Pyro would be perfect for denying a push from tunnels. Maybe the sniper should be watching long on A site though... Oil Paint!
  17. octodad

    Art Rick May 3.0

    Мистецтво, присвячене людині, яка озвучила солдата в Team Fortress 2, Ріку Мею. Мій обліковий запис steam: Мені також допомогли:
  18. Lngward

    Life is a beach 1.1

  19. ✧Tori Roach

    Pyro & Medic⛑️ 2022-07-24

    Hi everyone! :) As a Medic main I want to use this opportunity and say huge thanks to every Pyro that keeps us protected from burning alive and saves our lives! P.S. The picture drawn with window decoration paints (or glass paints idk how to call it) I got inspired by Party Hat Pyro artwork and...
  20. MINE_

    WE NEED YOU 2022-07-24