Jump Pad Prefabs a1

Particles Included!

  1. Yrr
    In order to make it easier for mappers to create jump pads for their maps, as well as to provide some consistency between them and their visual language, I have created a set of particles and prefabs to use.

    jumppad_64a - 64x64 base, blueish steam
    jumppad_64b - 64x64 base, brownish dust
    jumppad_2_64a - 2 64x64 bases side-by-side, blueish steam
    jumppad_2_64b - 2 64x64 bases side-by-side, brownish dust
    jumppad_96a - 96x96base, blueish steam
    jumppad_96b - 96x96 base, brownish dust
    jumppad_128a - 128x128 base, blueish steam
    jumppad_128b - 128x128 base, brownish dust

    Installation Instructions

    Drag the contents of the zip folder into your Team Fortress 2/, this should merge the tf/ and bin/ folders with the prefab ones.

    Usage Instructions
    Use the entity tool and select the Jump Pad Prefabs.
    Place the prefab you want to use into your map.
    The info_target defines the point the pad will launch you towards, adjust this as needed.
    The trigger_catapult contains additional settings such as Player Speed that can be tweaked as necessary.

    Remember to include a particle manifest! Put a text file named "yourmapname_particles.txt" in your map folder containing the following:
        file    "particles/fx_jumppad.pcf"

    The 96x96 prefab was made for a specific custom model and so uses a brushwork placeholder. I recommend you do not use this brushwork vent in your map (past alpha at least).


    1. jumppad1.png
    2. jumppad2.png
    3. jumppad3.png
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