72hr Bagel rc2a

It looks like a donut

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    Fight back and forth over a disused power supply on the shore of the Bagel Reservoir, sandwiched by a pair of identical old industrial buildings.


    Originally made for the TF2Maps.net 72hr contest, Bagel is a unique King of the Hill map designed for 6v6 Competitive play, and a lot of fun in pub play too.

    Played in
    UGC 4v4
    UGC 6v6
    Sigafoo's Challenge Cup
    ozfortress Midsummer Night's Cup
    ETF2L Season 26 Preseason Cup
    teamfortress.tv New Map Cup

    Layout/Detailing - Yrrzy
    Various model edits - MaccyF
    Centre point prop - Seba
    Competitive design advice - Carn
    Competitive feedback - Everyone on tftv who played pugs on it


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