EU Gameday - Saturday 10th September


Sep 5, 2014
Where: Official EU Server: steam://connect/
Gameday host: Muddy

Saturday 10th September, 7pm BST (6pm GMT)
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Map List:
cp_pickup_a12|PevWolf| TF2M |-
cp_kalinka_a7|Jusa| TF2M |-
caf_traincrossing_a3|Ten_Tacles| TF2M |tf_flag_caps_per_round 0
cp_drorange_a10|Dr. Orange| TF2M |-
koth_isonzo_a9|BenCo| TF2M |I'm still making mid better but first I want to see how much players start to use valley now.
ad_launch_a2|Urban| TF2M |uploaded
koth_elevator_a3|flanker| TF2M |-
plr_gravel_a5|Sinchu9| TF2M |Need feedback on the capture area changes
cp_offpeak_a4|Paper Shadow| TF2M |-
Map pack:

Submission Rules:
Please use this format for submitting maps:

Map name: (provide the full filename, e.g. cp_example_a1)
Thread: (optional, if your map doesn't have a thread)
Download: (TF2M or Dropbox downloads preferred)
Notes: (optional)

Submissions will close an hour before the Gameday is due to start.
  • Your map must be fully playable.
  • Filename must contain a prefix and version number.
    • e.g. 'cp_example_a1', not simply 'example'
  • Filename must be entirely in lowercase.
    • e.g. 'cp_example_a1', not 'CP_Example_A1' - capital letters break Linux servers.
  • Please repack your map before uploading.
    • I don't want to download a bunch of 50mb maps and neither does anybody else. I will also turn down Alpha maps that exceed 50mb regardless of if they're repacked or not.
  • One map per author please!
    • Self-explanatory.

If your submission breaks any of these rules, your map will be rejected.

All gamemodes are accepted, with the exception of Mann vs. Machine and non-serious gamemodes such as surf, trade, mge etc.

Other notes:
  • I will be accepting of up to 4 hours of maps. This averages on about 12 maps. (I may play a few more submitted maps if I still feel like playing after that, or if I find someone to take over.)
  • CP, PL, PLR and TC maps will be played for 30 minutes, Arena for 15 minutes, and every other gamemode will get 20 minutes. (I can extend this if necessary)
  • At the end of each map I will also be running a two-minute 'feedback round', during which people are invited to switch to Spectator mode to fly around and leave feedback (or continue playing if they so choose).
  • Maps are generally run in the order they are submitted, but if you'd like your map to be played at a certain time, please let me know and that can be arranged. Also let me know if there's anything specific you'd like feedback on, e.g. spawn times, scale, detailing etc.
  • It is not required for you to attend the gameday if you submit a map.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on the forums or on Steam.
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Jul 27, 2009
Map name: ad_launch_a2
Author: Urban
Notes: I'll take it out of the imp queue when I get back from work, don't want people to overload on syoot-case. Should be uploaded to the server already.


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Aug 29, 2012
Name: pl_roaring_flame a6
Author: Me
Notes: Normally the door next the the "wet paint" sign in the first area opens after the first point is capped. However, should I delete the door entirely and let BLU use it as a flank, or would that be unfair for RED to defend against?

Also, the hill and other displacements in the playable area of the second choke point are power four, which I recently learned is a bad thing. I want to know if this negatively impacts anyone's performance.
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Sep 5, 2014
Hang around the Server Events section of the site on Thursdays/Fridays. That's usually when the threads go up. I try to put them at a time when both EU and US people will be awake - late afternoon in the UK, mid-late morning in the US.