Emerge, pt. 2

Emerge, pt. 2 b3

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Emerge, pt. 2 b3

Fr0z3nR's PL map, thawed and revived

A single-stage Payload map originally made by Fr0z3nR. I'm just continuing where he left off.

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Latest updates

  1. pl_emerge_b3

    General: * fixed some dodgy lighting Point B: * lowered BLU team's respawn time by 1 second after capturing B * fixed a railing that was solid Point C: * fixed the metal barrier having no collision (no idea how I missed that lol)
  2. pl_emerge_b2

    General: * included a snow overlay (snowverlay) from the Frontline pack to make the snow more flush with the ground * fixed a couple handrails having no clipping * fixed some misplaced props/brushes/textures * manually clipped some props that...
  3. pl_emerge_b1

    General: * full artpass whee * changed environment lighting and skybox to something more fitting * increased both teams' overall spawntimes by 1 second BLU Spawn: * reduced the size of the wall between the spawn points and the exits to make it...

Latest reviews

Reminds me of the older good looking TF2 maps! Will credit you and add this to my server! Good job on make the map fit to TF2's style!
this map looks amazing!
i hope it gets added! pretty good job mate 10/10