Emerge, pt. 2

Emerge, pt. 2 rc2

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Emerge, pt. 2 rc2

Fr0z3nR's PL map, thawed and revived

A single-stage Payload map originally made by Fr0z3nR. I'm just continuing where he left off.

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Latest updates

  1. pl_emerge_rc2

    * Actually packed custom content * Fixed "prop with no vphysics" error spam * Fixed various unintended perch points * BLU's team wins are now counted on round win, rather than point capture * Minor visual tweaks * Clipping improvements
  2. pl_emerge_rc1a

    * Fixed the map having no LDR lighting * Fixed players being able to stand and build in places they shouldn't (thanks to Boonie for reporting them)
  3. pl_emerge_rc1

    * added rollback to the final cap point * redid the pickup patches to be more clear * did some minor detail tweaks * fixed some dodgy clipping * replaced the rocket in RED spawn with Freyja's "Soyuz-Style rocket" model * sadness * added briefing...

Latest reviews

Reminds me of the older good looking TF2 maps! Will credit you and add this to my server! Good job on make the map fit to TF2's style!
this map looks amazing!
i hope it gets added! pretty good job mate 10/10