Fireworks S1, A7

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Fireworks S1, A7

A snow-themed mountain map set during the night.

This map will eventually be multi-staged. Currently, only stage one exist.
pl_fireworks_s1_a50002.jpg pl_fireworks_s1_a50003.jpg pl_fireworks_s1_a50004.jpg pl_fireworks_s1_a50005.jpg pl_fireworks_s1_a50006.jpg pl_fireworks_s1_a50007.jpg pl_fireworks_s1_a50008.jpg
Dr. Orange
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 7

    Changelog: + Added clip brushes around sticking out props. * De-brightified RED spawn. * Made the building next to RED spawn one-way only. This should make it more suitable for attackers. + Made the final checkpoint area slightly larger. * Made...
  2. Alpha 6

    Changelog: * Moved the first checkpoint to the second area. * Desaturised lighting color in RED spawn. * Moved RED resupply lockers further from spawn doors. + Added a way for attackers to get up on the shack in the second area. - Removed patch...
  3. Alpha 5

    Changelog: - Rebuilt the second half of the map from the ground up. + Textured some most buildings. + Attackers now get a respawn time bonus after capturing the first point.