Havana B3 Contest Final

Whoa I'm in Space Cuba!

  1. Nicky
    Welcome to Cuba's capital city, Havana! An MvM map made by @Muddy and me for the Mappers VS Machines contest. She has done a lot of work on this so please be sure to let her know if you like it!

    Support it on the Workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1089026871

    Majority of layout and missions - Muddy
    Majority of art pass and detailing - Nick

    Most recent screenshots (Beta 2):

    20170417203854_1.jpg 20170417203905_1.jpg 20170417203913_1.jpg 20170417203950_1.jpg 20170417203959_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Beta 3 Contest Final
  2. Beta 3
  3. Beta 2 A

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: B3 Contest Final
    A large amount of missing textures litter this map.
  2. DragonX
    Version: B3 Contest Final
    Very good map