Phantom B3

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First release
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to B3 & Workshop download

    -Fixed up some minor details -Map is now brighter -More optimisation stuff on map and underworld, although it still probably needs a bit of work -Reduced filesize even more -Added particles to spawn that trigger at the start of each round The...
  2. Updated to B2

    Map is brighter, filesize is smaller, but most importantly spookyness has been increased! -Swapped out ground textures and trees for more typical halloween sorta stuff, im not sure if I like it more or not. -A new route has been added to the...
  3. Updated to B1

    The map is mostly detailed, still some stuff to fix up and improve on, but otherwise its coming along pretty well. Thanks to @Exactol for the custom particles Let me know if you find any bugs or whatever so I can fix em Screenshots:

Latest reviews

the map looks really cool! i am really excited to see where it goes and i really hope it gets in the game this scream fortress!