Moosetrain a7a

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Moosetrain a7a

This map has trains in it, and probably no moose.

Moosetrain is a 5cp map.
It have trains that pass through the map every 45 seconds, forcing both teams to be on their toes.
The map is inspired by 5cp maps such as Badlands, Process and Well.
cp_moosetrain_a70000.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70001.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70002.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70003.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70004.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70005.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70006.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70007.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70008.jpg
Dr. Orange
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 7a

    Changelog: * Made trains faster. * Changed the final control point.
  2. Alpha 7

    Changelog: * Raised entire final control point area by 256 hammer units. * Final control point should now be more easily defendable. + Added a house opposite of the second control point. + Added rocks around the cliff area at the second control...
  3. Alpha 6

    Changelog: * Changed middle route between the final and second points to have two smaller exits towards the second point, and one larger exit to the final point. + Added one-way door to one of the defenders' entrance's to the garage route to make...