pl_goldtransport A5c

Push the blu gold cart to the blu base while red tries to ambush you.

  1. Heroriks
    My timer started 12am GMT 4th of august.
    As the blu team you need to push your gold cart to your base while red tries to ambush you.

    The screenshots are from the 72hr jam version. Gonna take newer screenshots soon

    Resources used -
    Frontline Pack.
    2017 summer 72hr jam poster.
    Empty Payload carts -
    A Boojum Snarks tf2 mapping ressources
    Map start prefab -
    Dynamite props -


    1. Screenshot_353.png
    2. Screenshot_352.png
    3. Screenshot_354.png
    4. Screenshot_355.png
    5. Screenshot_356.png
    6. Screenshot_357.png
    7. Screenshot_358.png
    8. Screenshot_359.png
    9. Screenshot_360.png
    10. Screenshot_361.png

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