Horizon RC1

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Horizon RC1

Formerly known as KOTH_Terrace

Formerly known as Koth_Terrace

Horizon is a king of the hill map inspired by popular maps such as viaduct and highpass, set deep in the heart of the badlands region. RED and BLU fight over a disused coal mining plant in order to hide the secret operations going on deep inside their respective underground facilities.

Development Video:

Metal Wall Textures - Void
Pipe Models, Overlays - FubarFX
Handrail Modifications, Recoloured Textures - Ravidge
Textures, Overlays - The Construction Pack Team

First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Release Candidate 1

    Changes: - Reduced slope of hut roofs near mid - Closed up small platform next to spawn rooms - Tweaked outdoor lighting - Changed all rock wall textures - Added more detail around the map - Probably other things i've forgotten as well Workshop...
  2. Updated to B3

    Mostly just more detailing this time round, ive done a 3d skybox as well as some fancy colour correction as well, so be sure to let me know what you think! Oh yeah, and in case you missed it, the map is now called Horizon. It was a tough...
  3. Updated to B2

    Lots of detail, everything is mostly textured as well as redone spytech interiors Displacements still need a bit of work, as well as a few more props and things scattered around the map. Lots of screenshots:

Latest reviews

Very, VERY, pretty and well done. Though I feel the skybox is s bit off, since some under blue is showing in some places. Maybe you can fix that someday, then I bet it will be placed as a featured map!
I don't agree with the recent rating posted by someone, that's not because you see purple/back textures that the map deserves a one start... Sometimes you must agree that you ****** up, and fix it by yourself.
Anyway back to review, I love the atmosphere of this map, and tbh it reminds me some places in france, keep up the good work!
Thanks :)