Horizon RC1

Formerly known as KOTH_Terrace

  1. Necrσ
    Formerly known as Koth_Terrace

    Horizon is a king of the hill map inspired by popular maps such as viaduct and highpass, set deep in the heart of the badlands region. RED and BLU fight over a disused coal mining plant in order to hide the secret operations going on deep inside their respective underground facilities.

    Development Video:

    Metal Wall Textures - Void
    Pipe Models, Overlays - FubarFX
    Handrail Modifications, Recoloured Textures - Ravidge
    Textures, Overlays - The Construction Pack Team

    koth_horizon_rc10009.jpg koth_horizon_rc10008.jpg koth_horizon_rc10007.jpg koth_horizon_rc10005.jpg koth_horizon_rc10003.jpg koth_horizon_rc10002.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Release Candidate 1
  2. Updated to B3
  3. Updated to B2

Recent Reviews

    Version: RC1
    Very, VERY, pretty and well done. Though I feel the skybox is s bit off, since some under blue is showing in some places. Maybe you can fix that someday, then I bet it will be placed as a featured map!
  2. Benoist3012
    Version: a7
    I don't agree with the recent rating posted by someone, that's not because you see purple/back textures that the map deserves a one start... Sometimes you must agree that you ****** up, and fix it by yourself.
    Anyway back to review, I love the atmosphere of this map, and tbh it reminds me some places in france, keep up the good work!
    1. Necrσ
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)