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A Frontline Payload Map

  1. PC's_Frank

    Stately. Dignified. Divine. An awe-inspiring testament to the blessings of creation. This is what one could call the Roaring Flame Plateaus of the Badlands before the white man showed up. After decades of strip mining for gravel and other precious minerals, the Roaring Flame Plateaus became a ruined shadow of their former majesty. Things changed in 1933, when businessman Blutarch Mann gazed upon a photo of this near corpse of nature and cried. He telephoned the miners and with tears streaming down his face, said to them "you call that sodomizing the environment!? Let me show you how it's done!" Mr. Mann had all the miners killed, seized and expanded their gravel pits, and built a bomb factory atop one of the highest plateaus, dumping toxic waste and mutagens on the desert below. Today, amidst the ongoing mercenary war between the RED and BLU Corporations, the Roaring Flame Plateaus remain a heavenly hellhole, which Mr. Mann still refuses to donate for restoration. Because no one screws with Blutarch Mann. Ever.

    -A Plaque Commemorating the History of the Roaring Flame Plateaus, circa 1968.

    I've been away for a year dealing with several important matters. Now I am finally back. I had previously made a payload map called Siege, the premise of which was BLU trying to take back their own facility from RED occupiers. Unfortunately, there were a lot of problems with this premise, especially in terms of which colors and materials should be used.

    I gave up on map making for a while, then spent the last four or five months working on Roaring Flame as a means of relaxation. When I began, I said I was going to make this map "Siege done right," it starts out in a BLU factory complex and ends in the desert, allowing the pallet to change accordingly the closer the bomb gets to RED's final spawn.

    However, once I learned of the Frontline project, I realized I had the opportunity to actually contribute to something for once. At present, there isn't that much Frontline stuff in there, this being an Alpha and all. However, I hope to include more in later updates. If you ave any feedback, suggestions, or found any bugs, please let me know right away.


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