Helix B2a

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Helix B2a

A map set in an adobe village with a helix shape

Helix is a map where robots land in two completely different landing zones, labeled A and B and signed accordingly. The goal of this layout is to divide teams across the whole map, making players rely on good individual efforts or strong 2/3 player bonds.

Below is an (outdated) screenshot of how the paths work and where each drop zone is.


BenCo: Bomb hatch area, spawns
HolySnickerPuffs: Landing zones, clipping, game logic, pop files
Diva Dan: Core layout, theme, original concept

We hope you enjoy!

First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 2a : Cubemaps Mini-Update

    We were allowed to post this one final update for the contest. ~~Map Changelog~~ - Added cubemaps - Fixed a small bug with the hatch chicken wire
  2. Beta 2 : Cramming In A Months Worth Of Studying The Night Before A Test

    ~~Map Changelog~~ - Bombs no longer reset after a period of time - Detailed as much as time allowed us. - Added a normal difficulty mission, named "Adobe Assault". - A write-up of both this and the intermediate mission "Desert Destruction" will...
  3. Beta 1 : Golly. That was quicker than I anticipated!

    ~~Map Changlelog~~ - Readded the second bomb because the playtesters were freaks that demanded a challenge. - Fixed tanks not ending the wave when they drop the bomb - Fixed tanks falling through the hatch - Added a chicken wire cover over the...

Latest reviews

Layout looks pretty neat, however it may be a bit cofusing on were to go. Such as that second way the tanks come from. Still cool though