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steelmill b3

A rainy, semi-abandoned facility inspired by sawmill.

  1. Zan (rx8)
    Hello everyone, my name's Zan and this is my first mapping project!

    Steelmill is a King Of The Hill map inspired from Sawmill. I really liked the rain and the general feel that it had to it and felt like there weren't enough maps like that.
    So when i booted up hammer for the first time, following UEAKCrash tutorials to build the very basics elements, i knew what i wanted my first proper map to be like.

    Layout wise i tried to follow "the Viaduct formula", while taking influences from other maps that i like playing.

    Feedback on both the "artstyle" and the layout/gameplay aspects is much appreciated!


    1. Ok1.jpg
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    3. Ok3.jpg
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    6. Ok6.jpg
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    8. Ok8.jpg
    9. Ok9.jpg
    10. Ok10.jpg
    11. Overview.jpg
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