Off Peak

72hr Jam 2022 Off Peak A5

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72hr Jam 2022 Off Peak A5

72 Hours in a Museum

Off Peak is an A/D Single Stage 2 CP Map with Frontline assets, done as part of the Summer 72 Hour TF2Jam. It is set in a sleepy snowy town where RED's Wartime Museum is actually a military stockpile, where weapons of destruction are cunning disguised as historically accurate weapons of destruction. BLU Team will be paying a visit to the museum in the early morning. It's cheaper than going during peak hours...

Special Thanks to ABS for his Ultimate Mapping Pack and the Frontline Contributors for their Supply Drop Pack...

A2: Reduced Map Size, Reworked Garage into Hotel
A3: Reworked Control Point A, Added Museum Walkways and Lower Path
A4: Reduced Second Area's Length, Minor Changes to Right BLU Spawn and Hotel
A5: Reduced First Area's size, Added Forward Spawns
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Off Peak Alpha 5

    There's a lot of changes in this version. The first half of the map has received a lot of size reduction, with the BLU spawn and what was known as large cafe and the building next to it being reworked and having a new layout. On the left side of...
  2. Off Peak Alpha 4

    This update tackles the second control point. The length of the second area has been reduced (by about 512 I believe), and the control point itself has been lowered to the lower floor, creating a smaller and more vertical room. The right side of...
  3. Off Peak Alpha 3

    This Update is aimed at addressing concerns of the map basically being "Two Opens Spaces with some brushwork and props in between". The update should add a lot more verticality to the map without hampering the flow. The Bomber Room (Control Point...