Greenhouse b3a

A large open king of the hill map set in a secret bamboo processing facility

  1. Necrσ
    A large open map which provides the losing team with a slight advantage.

    koth_greenhouse_b3a0000.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0001.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0002.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0003.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0004.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0005.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0006.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0007.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0008.jpg koth_greenhouse_b3a0009.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Fixes
  2. Detailed
  3. Beta!

Recent Reviews

  1. Loth
    Version: a6
    Map still has some rather big issues (like getting stuck in the little flank to mid when the other team caps) but overall a nice solid koth map