72 Hour Jam 2022

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Aug 6, 2016

SFM poster by erk, Suna, Bonk, and MCL15

Let the waves of creativity rush over you. The Annual Summer Jam is on!

Check out the Jams' own website here!

The 2022 72 Hour Jam starts on July 22nd, 5pm GMT, and lasts until July 25th, 5pm GMT!

Need help with converting your own timezone? Use worldtimebuddy.com.

Our charity drive this year, supporting Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) Charity is open until August 26th, 2022.
Also this year, we'll be streaming across each day of the Jam on the official TF2Maps Twitch account! We'll be interviewing various notable TF2 figures, showcasing what people are working on, and playing fun events to encourage donations!
Jam on!

For anyone new to the concept of the 72hr Jam, the 72hr Jam is a TF2Maps tradition where the community dedicates 3 days of their time to producing cool content themed around Team Fortress 2! This includes maps, models, warpaints, animations, videos, paintings, drawings, mods, fan-fiction, woodwork, stonework, legwork, homework, and everything else in-between so long as it's related to Team Fortress 2! Post it on the site to show us what you made, and we'll give you a genuine in-game medal to flaunt over random passersbys!

This year we're collaborating with Médecins Sans Frontières, and you'll also receive an in-game medal if you donate at least 5$ (Items count too), or more!
Our charity drive this year is open until August 26th, 2022!


  • Make something for or about Team Fortress 2. Collaborations are welcome!​
  • You may not work outside of the prescribed hours above (July 22nd-25th 5pm GMT).
    • You may plan in advance, but you may not start creating in advance!​
  • To submit your entry, create a download in the 72hr Jam Entries section before the deadline.​
  • You may use custom content by other people. Just make sure you credit them!​

  • If you enter the Jam, you will get an in-game medal for your participation, unless:
    • ...we discover that you started work on your entry before the Jam started.​
    • ...we discover that you stole your entry from somewhere else.​
    • ...we decide that your entry is exceptionally low-effort.
      • We try to be generous with this, so as long as you put at least an hour or two into your entry, you should be fine.​
    • ...we are not able to trace down your Steam account within three days of when we initially send out the medals. You should associate your Steam account with your TF2Maps.net account in the External Accounts menu.
      • You may also just provide a link to your Steam account in the description of your entry. You will also want to do this for any collaborators so that they can get a medal as well!​
      • We will send a message to everyone who we are not able to track down.​
      • Cutoff for the medals are a week after the end of the Jam! (August 1st)​
        • The medals will be distributed mid-to-late August.


If you want to join other people participating, we have a Discord (always busy) and a Steam Chat (a bit quieter.) Join our steam group to get notifications about tests. We also have a hashtag: use #tf2jam to find other participants on twitter/tumblr/instagram/myspace etc.

Feel free to post and update your entry at any time during the event - and make sure to drop in to other people's threads, and share kind thoughts + constructive criticism.


Can I make a -
Let me stop you there: yes, if it's related to Team Fortress 2. If it's lewd or NSFW, though, we would prefer you hosted it elsewhere and post a link, marked as NSFW, to it, rather than uploading it directly to here - this stops it being previewed on the front page.

Can I enter on another day?
Yes - you can enter on whatever 72hr period you wish, though we suggest you do so before the normal contest time. Simply post the dates/times you wish to enter in this thread, and I'll make a list.

We can't promise to provide the same amount of support for people entering outside the normal time, but we'll do our best.

Can I collaborate with someone else?
Yes! Make sure to credit everybody involved when you make your upload though.

Do I need to be a TF2Maps member to join?
Nope! Or, well, sort of. You’ll need to join the site to upload your entry, but this is open to everybody, even those who’ve never been here before.

What can I do before the Jam starts?
This depends on what it is you want to do with the Jam. Do you want to go from a completely blank slate to a finished project, or meticulously plan every detail before opening your chosen tool? Either is fine.

What we don't want people doing is continuing with half-finished or already-in-development projects. The Jam is a great time to flex your creative muscles and try something new.

What if I don’t want to abide by all these cruel and restrictive rules?
That’s cool. We’re not fussed. We’re glad you’re joining us! However, please let us know if you’re doing that – it's not fair to other people if some get to start earlier, say. You probably won't get the medal, though.

How can I get feedback on my project?
The two best ways are to post a thread on the forums, and to join the discord and ask people what they think - we're always happy to help. If you want your map tested, similarly join the discord and ask - we can show you how to get it added to our map testing list. There are a few other rules that maps need to abide by for us to test them (since doing otherwise can break our servers) - see the bottom question below. You can also find more information for map testing here.

I want someone to collaborate with me!
This isn't a question. However: post in the thread you're in right now, and maybe someone will offer to join you. (It usually helps your chances to say both what you're good at and what ideas you already have.)

What are these extra rules for testing maps?
Don't use special characters or capital letters in your filename.
Maps must be able to spawn at least 24 players (12 per team).
Include some lighting - no fullbright maps.
If your map requires point_servercommands to be active, then contact an admin before running it. We reserve the right to refuse any map like this.
We will be running a separate server for MVM maps. Speak to an admin to have your map tested on this.

When does the Charity Drive start and how long will it last?
It will start alongside the Jam, and will be linked accordingly. Once running, you can then donate at will. We'll be monitoring the drive closely in the weeks after the Jam, so feel free to donate in that time as well.

Can I get both medals?
If you fit the criteria for both, of course!

Can I get the Charity Medal if I don't participate in the Jam?
Sure! We'd really love to have you on board for the Jam as well, though this isn't necessary when donating.

What does the Donor Medal look like this year?


What will the participant medal look like? Like it always does, silly.


Oh, and if you have any questions definitely drop into the discord, or send me, or another member of the staff a dm!

The 72 Hour Jams are an exciting and encouraging time to create content for Team Fortress 2, we're trying to go pretty big for this one! These events have always been great for bringing people together, and making awesome stuff. Even if you think you're not that artistic, you'd be surprised at what you can accomplish! If you've been around for a while, always remember to help others, and share what you know. We're still, now, and always, in this together!


Happy Jamming!

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L1: Registered
Apr 19, 2022
I plan to finally make something for one of these I just hope I can make something good enough in that time :cool:


L1: Registered
Aug 3, 2017
I'm so excited.
Did 2D Art
Did 3D Art
Now it's time for the next genre.
Arts and Crafts. See you all at 22nd ;)


L4: Comfortable Member
Sep 18, 2010
I think I got an idea for a cool map, looking forward to start, once the timer begins!


L4: Comfortable Member
Dec 29, 2009
I'm in.. EArkham has been kind enough to give permission for me to create a mirrored version of Snowycoast.

It's been 3 years since I last touched Hammer, so there should be a bit of re-learning going on in the process.

I also intend to stream on Twitch while I go as well as running playtests on my community server.

Khuntza on Twitch


L1: Registered
Jul 2, 2022
Question: I was going to make a custom template War Paint that's modified code. How would I submit this? You cannot visualize it in the game itself due to the code being not modifiable, so a download link to it would be worthless.

Would I have to supply 45 individual weapon textures for the visual representation of that code?


we've all had better times to die
Feb 10, 2017
I'm not able to participate at the normal time - could I do the jam between the 18th and 21st, starting and ending at 3pm (BST)?