Scarab RC6

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Scarab RC6

The scariest thing about this map is its brushwork

After an excavation gone wrong (as usual), an ancient evil has awakened. Tired of just spectating, he wishes to re-enter the mortal realm, but to do that, he needs souls. As you may have guessed, this is where you come in. Collect souls, deliver them to him, and you may even get paid!

Created by:
Suna: Map/Overlays/Particles/Sound Design
Freyja: Models/Textures
Yrrzy: Particles/Textures
Spleep: Models
Maid of Heart: Models/QA
Ravidge: Models
Bonk Nickeltoon: Models
Emnudge: Voice Acting
Lo-fi Longcat: Misc artwork assets
14Bit: Gameplay Logic
Lazersofa: Concept artwork
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. The End?

    Major detail improvements to blue side I have been unhappy for a while with how blue side has looked, there weren't enough buildings to sell it being a town, and the OOB areas were bland. I've done a lot of work to add extra detail to these...
  2. Last one?

    Transferred over some of the improvements/fixes from tomb Clipping improvements Detail pass on blue side Minor detail improvements on red side bug fixes
  3. The "Copium" Update

    +Fixed players getting stuck when entering the underworld +Added a healthkit to the museum/cave connector route +Improved egg

Latest reviews

plays well and nicely detailed. Looking forward to seeing it in the game