Scarab RC4c

The scariest thing about this map is its brushwork

  1. Suna
    After an excavation gone wrong (as usual), an ancient evil has awakened. Tired of just spectating, he wishes to re-enter the mortal realm, but to do that, he needs souls. As you may have guessed, this is where you come in. Collect souls, deliver them to him, and you may even get paid!

    Created by:
    Suna: Map/Overlays/Particles/Sound Design
    Freyja: Models/Textures
    Yrrzy: Particles/Textures
    Spleep: Models
    Maid of Heart: Models/QA
    Ravidge: Models
    Bonk Nickeltoon: Models
    Emnudge: Voice Acting
    Lo-fi Longcat: Misc artwork assets
    14Bit: Gameplay Logic
    Lazersofa: Concept artwork


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Recent Updates

  1. The "Copium" Update
  2. The "Contained" Update
  3. The "Spectral" Update