Hunted b2v3

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Hunted b2v3

Hunted "Assassination/Escort Mission"

A remake of Hunted from TFC!

President [REDACTED] has entrusted The Hunted with the Nuclear Football, which now has all warheads aimed at RED bases all over the globe. Whether or not they are sent into orbit is decide now!

RED team must assassinate The Hunted before they reach the truck in the Escape zone.

BLU team must protect The Hunted at all cost.

The Hunted is a BLU Engineer, who is only armed with a wrench (and the nuclear football.)

Assassins (RED) may only play as Sniper, Pyro, and Spy
Bodyguards (BLU) may only play as Heavy, Medic, Soldier, and Engineer (There can be only one Hunted.)


Yaki: For the logic that removes weapons
Krazy: Custom car models
Mr. Burguers: Tips and tricks
EArkham: Custom skycards
squeezit: Custom fire hydrant
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Touchup

    Optimization improvements |Minor texture fixes |Detailing added to areas |Minor adjustments to other details |Changed the way the text tutorial appears |Fixed weird clipping around a door prop that was left over
  2. Artpass Improvments

    |Further artpassed the map with minor touchups here and there
  3. BLU Spawning

    |Decreased BLU respawn time, and moved Blu spawn point up to compensate for Bodyguards being mostly slower classes

Latest reviews

Thank you for making finally that gamemode! I love that idea of map, but I think on some places sniper can just insta kills the Hunted, so it would be a straight up lose for the BLU team.
Btw, continue on this idea. I hope this will get to the featured section someday!