Thaw A6

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Thaw A6

An alpine outpost where the snow is just starting to melt.

My map for the 2022 Summer Jam! (early entry, submitted 1 hour before my personal deadline)

This is an A/D CTF map, where the Blu team must carry their intelligence to Red's control points in order to capture them; control points may only be contested while the flag carrier stands on them.

Custom content used:

Diva Dan's Tall Thin Pine Trees
Yrrzy's "No Flag" Barriers
Door textures from EArkham's Snowycoast Assets
First release
Last update
72hr Jam Entries
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Latest updates

  1. Version A6

    i had covid and nothing else to do so heres my dramatic return to this map! - completely tore out red's spawns for B and replaced them with a more angled setup using the same exits. this should make the exits more equally used rather than the...
  2. Version A5

    - raised the small shed at B up onto stilts. this allows it to block sightlines across the upper level of B, and opens up the lowground to allow for more comfortable combat in that area. also added another rock on blu's highground behind it to...
  3. Version A4b

    - fixed the visualisers on red's last spawn being disabled due to duplicated entity names.