Past 72hr Jam Entry Thaw A12

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Past 72hr Jam Entry Thaw A12

An alpine outpost where the snow is just starting to melt.

My map for the 2022 Summer Jam! (early entry, submitted 1 hour before my personal deadline)

Custom content used:

Diva Dan's Tall Thin Pine Trees
Door textures from EArkham's Snowycoast Assets
A rock from Dr Spud's Landfall Assets
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Latest updates

  1. Version A12

    this update is focused on major changes to the C point. tore out most of the C point, replacing it with an entirely new point design, keeping only the lobby and part of the left-hand 'upper' route. this C design is a really different direction...
  2. Version A11

    another return to this map, after having a break from it during my first university semester for this year. A on this map is really weird: sometimes it rolls and sometimes it's a complete lockout. i've realised that this is primarily due to...
  3. Version A10

    restructured and raised the C point and the area directly behind it, and gave more routes up to that area, to make the point less quickly accessible and hopefully more interesting to both attack and defend. this change will definitely need a lot...