Nuclide RC8d

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First release
Last update
Invade CTF

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Latest updates

  1. Teeny Tiny

    Fixed some bugs
  2. The 'Other Minor' Update

    Re-added overtime Logic improvements Minor detail improvements
  3. Optimisation update

    Optimisation pass Minor detail improvements Adjusted respawn times Bugfixes

Latest reviews

Solid is the best word I can give this map. Not anything groundbreaking in terms of design, just really damn solid & balanced. Minor exploit: tele trap in vents. Very easy to do. (as of 8/11/22)
Probably the most fun I've had in a ctf map.
Everything feels concise and has purpose, layout is intuitive, and I love the visual style.
Have played this map quite a few times on the testing server, and it's always a fun one to play! The mid area is a bit hard to push into, but once through that, it's a lot of fun to push into their base, and having the player suicide into the pit for a cap is really fun (Love zooming through as scout, and just dying in the acid pit tho). 9/10, one of my favorite maps to see on the testing server
nice gameplay and nice look