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  1. Release Candidate

    Reupload due to site issues
  2. Release Candidate

    Steam Workshop version Full patch notes later maybe
  3. bigupdate

    Added alot of detailing, entire underworld (still wip), added hud, added dracula voice, added custom soundscapes and more stuff im forgetting

Latest reviews

Y'know what? I think this is one of the better Halloween PD maps ever released. The combat feels quite fluid, as no specific spot feels too plainly overpowered. The spells being limited to only when the cap zone itself is open is, in my opinion, one of the best ideas for spell implementation that I've ever seen. Dracula is a very charming announcer, and the frequency of his voice lines thankfully make him not as overbearing as some other custom announcers out there. Mannsylvania does one of my favourite things a mapper can do for PD, which is actually justifying the map being PD; see, the cap zone of the map itself is static, but there are 3 different entrances, making it so the cap zone is still accessible to both teams at any time. It makes it so camping the cap zone becames pretty much impossible, which I really commend it for!

The visuals of the map too are absolutely on-point. The "medieval town" setting is perfect for a Transylvania-inspired locale, not to mention the old timey nature of the halloween tale. Dracula's castle is masterfully built, and is surprisingly fitting in the world of TF2!

I'm not really a fan of PD in it of itself, but I can recognize when a map manages to dart around the issues of the mode. Absolutely a solid 9/10.