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  1. sour dani

    Hale's Hatterie 0.1

    Currently in EARLY Alpha! So things are buggy and held together with bubble gum! Known Bugs: - Ordering is somewhat difficult - Hats are bundled together on left conveyer in "Brim" area - Hats in "Top" area are sparse and bundled Hale's Hatterie is a hat building game made by four friends...
  2. leezo

    Advanced tf_logic_cp_timer Prefab 72hr

    A prefab made for the 72hr jam which tries to improve the viability of the tf_logic_cp_timer entity by giving you a little more control over it. This prefab let's you: Lock the control point alongside hiding the timer Enable/disable the timer (requires to forcefully lock the control point)
  3. Erk

    Jam Dam 2022 2022-07-25

  4. TheWither031

    Overhang a1

    My entry for the 2022 summer jam!
  5. Fault in Maps

    Gondola Prop 2022-07-25

    Imagine a Box car cut in half horizontally. Now you've got yourself a Gondola! These cars are popular for bulk commodities used for construction and can often be seen hauling scrap metal, steel rebar, steel beams, grinding media, aggregates, logs, lumber, sand, copper, and iron ore. And now they...
  6. Aulli

    Comet (72hr Jam) a2

    Made for the 2022 72hr Jam. I've always thought the existing moonbase theme didn't feel very TF2, and I kept being asked "What would it look like, in your opinion?", and that's hard to answer for words. So, I answered with brushes. Cap the point in the middle to send out your rover, which...
  7. XEnderFaceX

    Paddock Final

    Paddock is an Arena Map set on an F1 Circuit. It's a Small Basic Arena Map without a Control Point. I'm not planning on continuing this Map. Enjoy! :) Worktime: 23h
  8. 14bit

    cp_gravelbit A3

    An A+B>C map originally made for the 2022 TF2Maps Jam, featuring a saw blade, a cliff, and a weird final point. v01 by @Another Bad Pun, other versions by me Custom assets: Half of the Control Point by @Fault in Maps Electric Eel Danger Sign by @Uncuepa
  9. Pinewabble

    Expiration date crash dummy V1

    Initially meant as a prop for a taunt, but will have to see if that will happen, so for now its a skeleton replacement. I might at some point make a static prop version that's standing on some rack or something...
  10. shawty

    Akira Movie Poster (GMod Render) 2

    The Scout as Kaneda ft. an Australium glow! Found parallels between TF2's Comic Lore and Akira's plot, and figured they'd work well together. People fight to gain Akira for its limitless power, as do the greedy men in the comics who use the mercenaries to gain Australium. All the individuals...
  11. staryoshi06

    koth_cluster final

    A map inspired by the game Clustertruck! I recommend listening to its soundtrack while playing :). Thanks so much to Tumby for helping me import my model at 3am when nothing was working correctly.
  12. SuperLuxDeluxe

    Jungle Jam a1

    idk 72hr 2cp arena map 2cp arena prefab by Idolon Screenshots:
  13. Pigzit

    Coalpit72 a1v2

    My 2022 summer Jam entry, remixing the Gravel Pit A/D gamemode by pulling A and B much closer together, but reducing the time they take to cap. Hoping to solve the "camp 1 point and ignore the other" issue this gamemode seems to have by making rotations quick but necessary for defensive...
  14. Limta Roulence

    Tengen Toppa Team Fortress 0

    Will Team RED succeed in their last battle? <- ( music link ) For those who know: no, i didn't miss anything, i'm just lazy to finish
  15. «Ckatar»

    Meet the soldier! 2022-07-23

    Meet my first set on a soldier. It looks pretty simple, but then I didn't even think that I would stay in TF2 for a long time. The soldier seemed to me to be quite a strong and hardy class for which I played for a very long time in the initial time. I learned how to fly rockets, use banners for...
  16. zythe_

    mvm_zythe72hr b5

    ----------//PLEASE DO NOT DECOMPILE OR EDIT WITHOUT MY CONSENT//---------- mvm map in 72hrs with no previous experience :) i am suffering :D info for pop file writers coming soon! in the meantime, if you want to write a pop file or this map please dm me on discord zythe_#0666 and i will send...
  17. William_The_Minecraft_Kid

    The Dreaded Source Spaghetti 1

    Fun little poster I threw together
  18. Richard вкусный КВАС

    Happy 72hr Jam

  19. Cindycomma

    72hr Jam "Jamboree" Poster 7/21/22

    An overlay to use in your 72hr Jam 2022 ventures! To use this overlay, take the "cindy72" folder out of the zipped file, and drop it into the "custom" folder. The file will be called "cindy72_22_carposter Please credit me if you use this in your map! Happy jamming :3
  20. Erk

    72 Hour Jam 2022

    SFM poster by erk, Suna, Bonk, and MCL15 Let the waves of creativity rush over you. The Annual Summer Jam is on! Check out the Jams' own website here! The 2022 72 Hour Jam starts on July 22nd, 5pm GMT, and lasts until July 25th, 5pm GMT! Need help with converting your own timezone? Use...