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Surge A5

A power generation facility hidden in a coalmine, sheltering from a raging blizzard.

  1. Maid
    A 4CP single-stage payload map with a focus on dynamic gameplay space.

    My biggest map yet, and my first foray into asymmetric design. A long time in on-off development.

    Custom content used:
    > Generator Cart by Spike Nitros & IJCT
    > Midnight Skybox from Dusk Till Dawn Skyboxes by Void
    > Materials from the Snowycoast Assets by EArkham
    > Pipes by ASG_Alligator
    > Modular Granary Conveyors by Freyja
    > Gear Props from the Antiquity Assets by EArkham
    > Signs from the Landfall Assets by Nineaxis and Dr Spud
    > Birch Trees by NeoDement from Frontline
    > Snow Props from the End of the Line Prop Pack by Fr0Z3nR
    > A Concrete Barrier from the Construction Theme Pack
    > An Icosahedron by Rexy


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