Surge A5

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Surge A5

A power generation facility hidden in a coalmine, sheltering from a raging blizzard.

A 4CP single-stage payload map with a focus on dynamic gameplay space.

My biggest map yet, and my first foray into asymmetric design. A long time in on-off development.

Custom content used:
> Generator Cart by Spike Nitros & IJCT
> Midnight Skybox from Dusk Till Dawn Skyboxes by Void
> Materials from the Snowycoast Assets by EArkham
> Pipes by ASG_Alligator
> Modular Granary Conveyors by Freyja
> Gear Props from the Antiquity Assets by EArkham
> Signs from the Landfall Assets by Nineaxis and Dr Spud
> Birch Trees by NeoDement from Frontline
> Snow Props from the End of the Line Prop Pack by Fr0Z3nR
> A Concrete Barrier from the Construction Theme Pack
> An Icosahedron by Rexy
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Version A5

    - New forward spawn for Blu when attacking D, quite a chunk further forward, marked with a dynamic elevator in a new shaft. Might end up putting a door in front of the shaft in future?? Or moving the location entirely and scrapping the elevator...
  2. Version A4

    I'm working on this map again after a few months !! - Redid dev texturing scheme. - Changed and removed shutter doors into C. - Made the flank route under C less windy. - Some small geo changes and a new ramp at C. - Replaced the one-way door...
  3. Version A3

    - Changed some spawn wave times. - Nobuilded most crate, barrel, etc props throughout the map. - Added some more ammo packs to last for attacking engineers and spies. - Expanded Red respawn trigger to whole spawnroom. - Extended a push trigger on...