Snowthistle B5

A tranquil icy ruin somewhere in the deep north.

  1. Maid
    My entry to Major Contest #15, the Payload Checklist Contest! It received fifth place overall. Thank you to everyone who voted or gave feedback over the development process!

    This is a Payload Race Circuit map, based off the prefab by 14bit. Both carts are on the same track circuit, and a team wins when their cart rams the back of the opposing team's cart. The carts speed up whenever they reach either team's base point.


    Thanks to Timberghost_Paintball for some custom arctic textures!
    Thanks to EArkham for his Snowycoast asset pack!
    Thanks to Acumen for various ivy props!
    Thanks to Bapaul for the barbed wire models in Frontline!


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  1. Version B5
  2. Version B4b
  3. Version B4 - It's back !!

Recent Reviews

  1. Vhonny Barjo
    Vhonny Barjo
    Version: B3
    A lot of good ideas, a good exemple for plr, and the levels of details is nice. Plus it is simple and really easy to navigate into.
  2. Simon.R.K
    Version: B3
    The map design reminds me on DeGroot Keep and Viaduct. I like the gamemode idea and especially the ideas and details of the map. Rotating spawndoors, dancing Robo-Engi, slippery ice lake.
  3. super pigeon
    super pigeon
    Version: A2
    its cool