Snowthistle A8

A tranquil icy ruin somewhere in the deep north.

  1. Maid of Heart
    My entry to Major Contest #15, the Payload Checklist Contest!

    This is a Payload Race Circuit map, based off the prefab by 14bit. Both carts are on the same track circuit, and a team wins when their cart rams the back of the opposing team's cart. The carts speed up whenever they reach either team's base point.


    Thanks to Timberghost_Paintball for some custom arctic textures!
    Thanks to EArkham for his Snowycoast asset pack!
    Thanks to Bapaul for the barbed wire models in Frontline!


    1. blumidview a7.jpg
    2. redfrozenwaterfall a7.jpg
    3. mid a7.jpg
    4. redaltspeccam a7.jpg
    5. blucart a7.jpg
    6. gamemodesign a7.jpg
    7. leveloverview a7.jpg
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