Production RC6

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Production RC6

Seize the means of destruction

One question for you:
Where does Grey Mann get all his robots from? Well, he makes them. But he can't make ALL of them, so it seems like he's turned to outsourcing. Time to attack the source, mercs!

Information for mission makers is available here:
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Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. The "Refurbishment" Update

    Been working on this one for a while now, hopefully this goes without a hitch. Greatly improved visuals at the 'front' area. It's pretty much a complete rework. Tanks can now spawn at gate B Sniper bots now spawn in tank tunnel. Sentry busters...
  2. Shit

    +Fixed download as it was using the wrong version
  3. The "Oh No" Update

    +Fixed an exploit that allowed certain classes to escape the intended map boundaries Mission (frightful freight): Adjusted bot counts in wave 2 and 4 to not overwhelm players Changed the Colonel barrages with a giant medic in wave 3 to Soldier...

Latest reviews

Played this during the community Operation Voltaic Violence and found the compact areas enjoyable. I liked playing Spy and jumping around in and out the initial lowground robots attack from. Looking simple on the surface, there's plenty of passages and highground areas along the bomb paths. I noticed a train in the back of the map, I think that's a creative way to kill robots, blasting them in front of the train (though I have yet to see it happen).

The robots standing around the map and at the upgrade station looked out of place, even after reading the map lore. I never got the impression this was some outsourcing robot production facility, I chalked it up to a peculiar community map quirk. Everything was RED brick colored with RED affiliated signs, nothing got me to question the map's lore ingame.

Is this important? Not really, but I value maps that can tell a story without words, especially in mvm where players have lots of time in between waves to check the map out. Perhaps a production line of robots behind a big window somewhere out of the way? Overall, a good compact map with a strong emphasis on immediate pressure.
Neat! Will credit you and add this to my server!